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Primary Weapon
Mp weapon rocket launcher.png
Archer Heavy Rocket
Rocket Launcher with Anti-Titan lock-on.
Damage 95
Accuracy 90
Range 90
Fire Rate 15

Magazine Capacity


Unlock Level


The Archer Heavy Rocket is an Anti-Titan Weapon for Pilots appearing in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.


The Archer fires a powerful homing rocket. It must be locked onto a target before it can be fired. When aimed, a targeting window flips out, allowing target acquisition. Hold this window over the target continuously until a lock is achieved, then fire.

The Archer Anti-Titan Launcher appears similar to a normal rocket launcher with a futuristic display and high-end RPGs built specifically for destroying the Titans and Pilots possibly located inside. It has high recoil, making it hard to fire multiple times at a moving target. And a slow reload time for damage control and balance. The Archer fires one auto-aiming Gyrojet RPG capable of incapacitating a Titan in a limited amount of shots.

Real Life Counterpart[]

The Archer has marked similarities to the standard RPG as well as the toolset of a FGM-148 Javelin.



The Archer Launcher has a massive amount of stopping power when used against Titans. However the Archer's inefficient reload time and ammo capacity make it an unreliable side arm in a quick battle, and the lock-on makes it useless against enemy Pilots. Players need to keep a line of sight with the enemy Titan to be able to launch the rocket. The slow rate of a fire is made up for by the high burst damage. Try to assist friendly Titans, as the Archer can easily turn the tide of those battles. If taken off guard by an enemy Titan, try to flee. The Archer is not made for actually fighting Titans head on. This weapon is best used from the rooftops and when near cover. Players can use the Archer after ejecting from their Titan, perhaps allowing them to finish off the enemy if it is low on health.

Player controlled Titans will receive a notification on their HUD that they are being locked onto, and a rough estimate of the direction from which the missile will come. When locked onto, the player should attempt to move into cover, breaking the lock.

It is possible for a Pilot to be killed with the rocket, though they have to be in the right place at the wrong time. The Archer should never be used as an anti-infantry weapon, as it is incredibly unlikely that a player will be near the flight path. Rockets that hit pilots will be destroyed, and will not reach their destination.

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