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The Atlas is one of three default Titans in Titanfall. The Atlas is the starting Titan for all players, and functions as a balance between speed and armor.


The Atlas Titan was the first Titan produced by Hammond Robotics, and is the workhorse of any Titan fleet. Though it is more mobile than the Ogre, it is more armored than the Stryder, sitting right in the middle of the group in terms of ability and talents. The Atlas is entered through an entry port in the chest, which opens for Pilots upon request; the Titan has an emergency hatch in the top which functions as both an emergency entrance and an ejection port. According to the Respawn Reveal Video for the Atlas, it is the oldest of the Titans, which began the development of the Ogre and Stryder models.


The Atlas Titan is the first Titan available to new players, serving as a well rounded introduction. It can be used from the get-go.

The Atlas Refurb Burn Card can be used to immediately call down an Atlas.

Atlas Stats[]

Base Health: 8000
Jump Height: 15
Step Height: 80
Crouch Speed: 150
Stand Speed: 280
Sprint Speed: 420
Melee Damage: 1000
Melee Knockback: 510
Dodge Duration: .3s
Dodge Interval: .2s
Dodge Speed: 685
Dodge Stop Speed: 350
Dodge Power Drain: 50
Shield Regen Rate: 12

Tips and Strategy[]


  • In Greek Mythology Atlas was one of the Titans, primordial beings who predated the Greek Gods. After the Titans lost their war against the Gods, Atlas was punished by Zeus, God of the Sky and Thunder, and Father of the Gods. While most of the Titans where imprisoned, Atlas was made to hold Uranus (The Sky) away from Gaia (The Earth), as the union of the two was what had created the Titans. The etymology of Atlas' name itself remains uncertain.
  • The naming of this particular Titan likely derives from its ability to deal increased damage, drawing a parallel to the immense strength of Atlas himself.