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Attrition (Titanfall 2)

Team deathmatch with AI units. First team to reach 650 kills wins.

Attrition (Titanfall 2) is a game mode in Titanfall 2.


This mode is basically all out war. The goal of Attrition is to kill your opponents to earn points. Once one team earns 650 points, that team wins. If the timer runs out, the team with the higher amount of points win the match. At the beginning of the match, only grunts will spawn either coming down in a ship and zip lining down or a drop pod; both will spawn a group of four grunts. Later on as the match progresses; specters, stalkers, and reapers will begin dropping down as well.

Unit points[]

Below is a list of how many points each unit will give you for killing it

  • Grunts = 1 point
  • Specters = 1 point.
  • Stalkers = 1 point
  • Reapers = 3 points
  • pilots = 5 points
  • titans = 10 points


  • Specters can be hacked; hacking one will award you a point and gain a new ally.
  • Your radar will show AI-controlled allies and enemies.
    • enemy players when revealed will look like a bigger dot compared to the AI enemies