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Titan Protagonist
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Vanguard-class Titan protagonist of Titanfall 2

BT-7274, who is also referred to as "BT", is a Vanguard-class Titan featuring heavily in Titanfall 2's incredible single player campaign.


His pilot was killed in action; after this, he immediately linked with Jack Cooper, who is his current pilot. He wasn't interrogated by command for this bonding, which apparently violated several rules and practices.

He is asked his three protocols during this interrogation, which he states as "(1)Link to Pilot", "(2)Uphold the Mission", and "(3)Protect the Pilot". These three protocols govern his interactions with Jack Cooper and how he handles combat in the field.

His previous pilot was the famous Captain Lastimosa, who perished during combat on the planet Typhon; his last words were accordingly to BT, to take Jack on as a pilot and to carry out the mission.

As a Vanguard-Class Titan, BT has an interesting ability in that he can acquire loadouts from the other 7 regular Titans(one of them being exclusive to the singleplayer instead of being given the Monarch loadout), and synthesize their weapons and abilities. You can switch between each ability on the fly, allowing for some quick manipulation of skillsets.


BT-7274 is a Vanguard-class Titan, the first to be designed by the Militia. With Vanguards, The Militia no longer needed to steal IMC Titans off the production lines to supply their Pilots. A Vanguard-class Titan must obey three protocols:

Protocol 1: Link to Pilot

Protocol 2: Uphold the Mission

Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot

While the IMC considers its Titans and Pilots to be interchangeable and disposable, the Militia views each of its new Vanguard Pilot-Titan units as a long-term investment. As a result, an experienced Vanguard Titan-Pilot team is far more flexible and deadlier than any single IMC Titan and Pilot on the Frontier. To BT-7274, his Pilot isn't just a teammate, but also a friend.


  • "Trust Me."
  • "My original Pilot was K.I.A. I am now linked to rifleman Jack Cooper."
  • "Protocol one: link to Pilot. Protocol two: uphold the mission. Protocol three: protect the Pilot."
  • "Protocol three: I will NOT lose another pilot."
  • "We had no other option"
  • "I detect sarcasm"
  • "It is good to see you too, Pilot"
  • "You will have to explain that expression later"
  • "Noted."
  • "A humans concept of love requires admiration, attraction, devotion and respect, conclusion; I am 50% in love"