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Black Water Canal

A Titanfall 2 Map.

Black Water Canal is a map in Titanfall 2.


Black Water Canal is an IMC fueling station nestled deep in the rocky canals of the planet Cibus. Built as an early fuel storage facility in the Frontier by the original colonists, it rapidly became a key location for IMC ships to refuel, due to its prime location between Demeter and Gridiron. Although it is still operated and managed by its founders, the Dionysys Corporation, the facility is owned by its parent corporation, the IMC.

Black Water Canal is built around three core lanes, with a major, central choke point. The densely arranged buildings that border the primary lanes allow Pilots to make isolated wall runs for quick maneuvers, as well as providing high ground advantages against Titans. Surrounding the station are wide, drained canals, which limit enemy visibility, and can be tightly controlled to prevent flanking. Pilots must be careful of falling into the canals, as that terrain is most easily dominated by Titans.

In the centre of the map is a large tower which can be seen on the picture on the left side. It can be climbed without grapple but grapple will make it much easier, alternatively you could use a titan nuclear eject to get up there. The tower offers a view of the entire map and is an amazing spot for sniping, unfortunately there is no space for a turret to be placed up there. It is hard to escape the canal and you can be easily seen if using them for transport.

The map has a huge number of buildings which allow for safer if slower travel throughout the map. In the middle by the tower is a bridge above the drained canal. This is the main kill zone and is always where the first fight happens. on both sides there is lots of cover but in the centre you are in plain view for both sides and won't last long.

In amped hardpoint the bridge has B and is hard to camp without being killed especially as it is titan-accessible. The other two are relatively easy to camp and lie at either end of the map both have large areas that count as inside and are hard to capture. The hardpoint on the side opposite the tower has a glitch which allows you to stand on a tiny ledge above an archway that leads outside and is on the mezzanine with the windows looking out the the sphere on a tower.

Black water canals location is on the planet Cibus, but a lot of evidence points elsewhere. When you first enter the map, you can see a moon that has the same color scheme as Typhons moon, Orthos; the moon also seems to have been shattered by some form of large impact, but Orthos was shattered by the fold weapon, and the impact points look very similar to each other. There is also something that looks almost exactly like the fold weapon. You are only able to see it when you eject from your titan and look in the distance of the map. Another piece of evidence that the planet could be typhon and not Cibus is the Large ship in the distance that looks very similar to the IMS Draconis.

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