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Boosts are modifiers that Pilots can use in combat in Titanfall 2. Unlike the rest of your loadout, these cannot be changed mid-match.

The "cost" is how much of your Titan meter you need to have gained to activate the boost.


Image Description
Boost ampedweapons.png Amped Weapons - Cost: 80%
Increase weapon damage for 30 seconds. Affects every weapon differently, but generally reduces shots-to-kill by 1 or 2.
Boost ticks.png Ticks - Cost: 65%
Throw a three-legged drone that wanders close to enemies and detonates. Comes with two charges.
Boost pilotsentry.png Pilot Sentry - Cost: 72%
Place an automated turret that fires on pilots and grunts. Lasts 1 minute.
Boost maphack.png Map Hack - Cost: 70%
Fire off [?] pulses to reveal every enemy through walls.
Boost batterybackup.png Battery Back-up - Cost: 80%
Instantly give yourself a titan battery.
Boost radarjammer.png Radar Jammer - Cost: 40%
Disables enemy minimaps for 20 seconds.
Boost titansentry.png Titan Sentry - Cost: 35%
Place an automated turret that fires on titans and armored targets. Lasts 1 minute.
Boost smartpistol.png Smart Pistol MK6 - Cost: 60%
Replaces your sidearm with the Smart Pistol, which locks onto targets. Has two 12-round magazines.
Boost phaserewind.png Phase Rewind - Cost: 25%
Phase Shift back in time to where you were [?] seconds ago.
Boost hardcover.png Hard Cover - Cost: 20%
Throw down a pilot-sized particle wall with [?] health.
Boost holopilotnova.png Holo Pilot Nova - Cost: 40%
Send out three Holo Pilots in front of you.
Boost diceroll.png Dice Roll - Cost: 50%
Use a random Boost.