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Burn Cards are a series of cards that are equipped for a single game (Attrition, Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing), and grant status effects. The effect goes away when you die. These cards are often given as a result of completing Challenges.

How to Use Burn Cards[]

Before each match, you need to select three burn cards you'd like to have with you. During the match, you can select a burn card to use before spawning, which will grant you abilities, better weapons, and everything in-between! Be careful though, Burn Cards are one time use only, so use them when they'll count!

Card Packs[]

Card packs are given as experience and level rewards, and contain a set range of cards as opposed to random or challenge oriented cards.

Pack 1 (Level 25)[]

Pack 1 grants the following Burn Cards: Adrenaline Transfusion x2, Smuggled Stimulant x2, Prosthetic Legs, Amped EVA-8, and Amped Charge Rifle. Note: Could be different.

Pack 2 (Level 30)[]

Pack 2 grants the following Burn Cards: Ghost Squad x1, Active Camo x2, Satellite Uplink, and Personal Alarm System.

Pack 3 (Level 40)[]

Pack 3 grants the following Burn Cards: Map Hack x2, Satellite Uplink x2, Amped Mag Launcher, Amped Archer, and Amped Sidewinder.

Pack 4 (Level 45)[]

Pack 4 grants the following Burn Cards: Ech 000o Vision x2, Aural Implant x2, Packet Sniffer, Amped DMR, and Personal Alarm System.

Pack 5 (Level 50)[]

Pack 5 grants the following Burn Cards: Atlas Refurb, Reserve Ogre, Spare Stryder, and Spectre Camo x3.

Burn Cards[]

Icon Name Active Effect Quote Text
Bc mgl m2.png Amped Mag Launcher Replace Anti-Titan Weapon with a high-capacity, automatic Mag Launcher. "Just because they call it the Titan Wars doesn't mean we always had Titans. Sometimes you had to improvise." - Graves
Bc fast movespeed.png Prosthetic Legs Faster Pilot movement speed. "It's a very minor procedure. We will start by removing your legs..." - Dr. Yisv, Regenerative Specialist
Bc hunt pilot.png Most Wanted List Scoring hits on Pilots earns extra XP and reduces Build Time. "Dead or alive, you're coming with me." - Graves
Bc free build time 1.png Decisive Action 40 seconds off Build Time or Titan Core Charge. "There is a time for short cuts. This is one of them." - MacAllan
Bc rocket launcher m2.png Amped Archer Replace Anti-Titan Weapon with an Archer firing powerful Titanhammer Missles. "We traced the modification. Hammond Robotics has a weapons division?" - Bish
Bc sniper m2.png Amped Kraber Replace Primary Weapon with a Kraber-AP Sniper that fires explosive rounds. "Does everything need to explode?" - Sarah
Bc lmg m2.png Amped LMG Replace Primary Weapon with a rapid-fire Spitfire LMG. "I approve these changes." - Charles Griffith, Pilot
Bc semipistol m2.png Amped P2011 Replace Sidearm Weapon with a burst fire Hammond P2011. "There was a fella from the backwaters that could shoot three times before yer pinky touched the holster. I'm that fella." - Blisk
Bc core charged.png Super Charger Your Titan has a pre-charged Titan Core ability. "A Pilot survived the aftermath? Find out how, and bring him and his Titan to me." - Spyglass
Bc arc m2.png Shock Rocks Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite, magnetic Arc Grenades. "Give it a rub on the trim here before ya toss. Gives it a wicked curve." - Blisk, above Angel City
Bc summon ogre.png Reserve Ogre Call in an Ogre Titan. "What can I do to get you into a Titan today?" - Rick, Titan Merchant
Bc rematch.png Rematch Respawn where you died. "Thank you sir, may I have another?" - Charles Griffith, Pilot
Bc auto sonar.png Packet Sniffer You automatically generate Active Radar Pulses periodically. "It can detect an electronic signature from up to 1000 meters out." - Bish
Bc super sonar.png Aural Implant Replace Pilot Tactical Ability with longer lasting Active Radar Pulse. "It's not a hearing aid!" - MacAllan
Bc summon atlas.png Atlas Refurb Call in an Atlas Titan. "If your Auto-Titan exhibits signs of stress or anxiety, check for enemy riders and then relocate to a calmer environment." - Owner's Manual
Bc smart pistol m2.png Amped Smart Pistol Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal Smart Pistol Mk5. "So it'll do calculus now?" - Sarah
Bc smr m2.png Amped Sidewinder Replace Anti-Titan Weapon with a double ammo capacity Sidewinder. "That's no ordinary Titan, Bish. It's a walking tank. We need a bigger gun." - Sarah
Bc autopistol m2.png Amped RE-45 Replace Sidearm Weapon with a more lethal RE-45 Auto-Pistol. "Presuming you don't want to become a critter's lunch, take this time to locate and secure your hollow point rounds." - Graves, approaching Boneyard
Bc rspn101 m2.png Amped R-101C Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal R-101C Carbine. "They'll call us terrorist or worse, but we can't win playing by their rules." - MacAllan
Bc shotgun m2.png Amped EVA-8 Replace Primary Weapon with an automatic EVA-8 Shotgun. "Wait, we have to go back. I left my shotty at the bar. I ain't leaving town without it!" - Barker, Angel City
Bc hunt titan.png Titan Salvage Scoring hits on Titans earns extra XP and reduces Build Time. "Shoulder servos are in high demand. Ankle pylons are also hot." - Yen, Off-World Scrapper
Bc free build time 2.png Pull Rank 80 seconds off Build Time or Titan Core Charge. "Sometimes rank has its privileges." - Graves
Bc double agent.png Double Agent Grunts, Spectres, Auto-Titans, and Turrets ignore you. "Your papers appear to be in order..." - Eric Yas, Soldier, 10th Division
Bc super cloak.png Active Camo Replace Pilot Tactical Ability with longer lasting Cloak. "The suit worked, Bish. They never saw me coming. Prepare to move in 3, 2..." - Sarah
Bc double xp.png Fast Learner You earn double XP. "You might say I have an eidetic memory." - Spyglass
Bc minimap.png Map Hack Full minimap vision. "0SET? I've heard their security is unbreakable. That's good, I needed something to do after lunch." - Bish
Bc hunt soldier.png Thin The Ranks Scoring hits on Grunts earns extra XP and reduces Build Time. "I almost feel bad for them. Almost." - Blisk
Bc nuclear core.png Massive Payload Your Titan causes an extended nuclear explosion. "Prepare for Titan Fallout." - Bish
Bc minimap scan.png Satellite Uplink Reveal all enemies on the minimap every 10 seconds. "Definitely inside the barricades" - Sarah
Bc stim forever.png Adrenaline Transfusion Permanently stimmed as a Pilot, in addition to having your Pilot Tactical Ability. "We clone your own adrenaline; trust me, it is undetectable." -Dr. Yisv, Regenerative Specialist
Bc cloak forever.png Ghost Squad Permanently cloaked as a Pilot, in addition to having your Pilot Tactical Ability. "A crack team of invisible special forces? Sounds like a story meant to frighten over-privileged children." - Sarah
Bc frag m2.png Bottomless Frags Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite, more lethal Frag Grenades. "In case of ticking sound, evacuate immediately and contact emergency services." - Warning Label
Bc r97 m2.png Amped R-97 Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal R-97 Compact SMG. "Merc gear. Better keep moving, nobody hires just one bounty hunter." - Sarah, outside Cobalt Station
Bc dmr m2.png Amped DMR Replace Primary Weapon with a sonar scope Longbow-DMR Sniper. "Synthetics has its advantages. I can see from a cliff that you can't even imagine." - Spyglass
Bc defender m2.png Amped Charge Rifle Replace Anti-Titan Weapon with a faster charging Charge Rifle. "Ah there you go, see? You had it set to training mode." - Bish
Bc super stim.png Smuggled Stimulant Replace Pilot Tactical Ability with longer lasting Stim. "Rapid heart beat? Shallow breath? Sounds like you're all set." - Dr. Yisv, Regenerative Specialist
Bc pilot warning.png Spider Sense There is an audible warning when enemy players are nearby. "Vektor rigged it to keep the rats out of the kitchen. Maybe you can put it to better use." - Bish
Bc sonar forever.png Echo Vision Active Radar Pulse is permanently active, in addition to having your Pilot Tactical Ability. "Keep it. I have 20/20 hearing." - Bish
Bc conscription.png Conscription Nearby friendly Grunts fight for you - their kills count toward your score. "Under whose authority? Oh, his." - Eric Yas, Soldier, 10th Division
Bc wifi spectre hack.png Wifi Virus Automatically capture nearby enemy Spectres. "You saw how those machines fight. We need an answer and we need it fast." - Sarah
Bc play spectre.png Spectre Camo You are a Spectre. "Don't think of it as throwing away your humanity. You are merely discaring your human frailty." - Hammond
Bc fast build 2.png Outsource Earn extra Build Time and Titan Core Charge reductions during combat. "I know a man, his methods are a little extreme, but he's available and he's fast." - Blisk
Bc summon stryder.png Spare Stryder Call in a Stryder Titan. "I like having plan A, plan B, plan C..." - Graves
Bc hunt spectre.png Urban Renewal Scoring hits on Spectres earns extra XP and reduces Build Time. "Place the terminate artifical life form in the appropriate receptable." - Spyglass
Bc g2 m2.png Amped G2A4 Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal G2A4 Rifle. "Grab the rifle, boy. There's something moving in the fields, and it ain't natural." -Albert Woodman, Colony hydro farmer
Bc prox m2.png Personal Alarm System Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite Arc Mines with a larger blast radius. "An old friend taught me a special way to set a mine. Be careful, he lives here." - Graves
Bc satchel m2.png Surplus Satchels Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite, more lethal Satchels. "Take as many as you can carry, the Titans are coming down like rain out there." - Vlad, late in the Titan Wars
Bc wingman m2.png Amped Wingman Replace Sidearm Weapon with a match trigger B3 Wingman. "I don't trust him, Bish. His sidearm is on a hair trigger." - Sarah
Bc car m2.png Amped C.A.R. Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal C.A.R. SMG. "It's not all trash on the black market." - Blisk
Bc hemlok m2.png Amped Hemlock Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal Hemlok BF-R. "Applying the Socratic method." - Bish
Bc titan dumbfire missile m2.png Amped Cluster Missile Longer-lasting, more accurate Cluster Missiles. "First generation Cluster Missiles were scraped together by Militia engineers. These are engineered to IMC standards."
Bc titan electric smoke m2.png Amped Electric Smoke Longer-lasting Electric Smoke. "Drop smoke at a choke point and flank them. Misdirection at its finest."
Bc titan homing rockets m2.png Amped Slaved Warheads Slaved Warheads that lock-on faster, and fire an extra volley. "Hammond Industries is updating their Slaved Warheads weapon system; alpha units are already in the field."
Bc titan salvo rockets m2.png Amped Rocket Salvo Greatly increases the number of rockets in each salvo. "If brute force isn't working, you're not using enough."
Bc titan shoulder rockets m2.png Amped Missile System High-capacity Multi-Target Missile System. "You can fit more rockets on the rack if you disable the safety spacers. If the mechanism never fails, you don't need them."
Bc titan 40mm m2.png Amped 40mm Automatic 40mm with an increased rate of fire. "The 40mm Autofire project is economically unfeasible for large-scale deployment."
Bc titan xo16 m2.png Amped XO-16 Electric rounds deal increased damage to enemy shields. "The slightest edge over Titan Shielding technology could shave months off the war."
Bc titan triple threat m2.png Amped Triple Threat Magnetized Triple Threat grenades. "No weapon is more effective in a war against machines."
Bc titan sniper m2.png Amped Railgun Faster Railgun charge time. "Wargame simulations have shown promising results. Phase 2 testing recommended."
Bc titan rocket launcher m2.png Amped Quad Rocket Fires mini-cluster rounds that create additional explosions on impact. "Act surprised when the Quartermaster comes by looking for "misplaced" Cluster Missiles."
Bc titan arc cannon m2.png Amped Arc Cannon Increased damage, superconductive Arc Cannon. "The psychological effect of the Amped Arc Cannon on ground forces can simply be described as abject terror."

When Do You Unlock Burn Cards?[]

Burn Cards are unlocked by completing challenges or earning levels. See the above data and the relevant Challenges page for more information.