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MacAllan is a main character of the game Titanfall. He is a former IMC pilot and was highly decorated in the Titan Wars. After his colony is destroyed by IMC forces he joins the Militia to help them rid the Frontier of IMC presence.

Sarah is a main character of Titanfall, and was previously known as "The Protagonist". Her likeness can be seen in the promotional artwork for Titanfall.

Bish is a main character of Titanfall. A protagonist serving as a Combat Intel Specialist for the MCOR.

Robert "Barker" Taube is an ace pilot for MCOR who has been captured by the IMC. His current status is unknown.

Captain Dunham is a character shown during the gameplay footage video. He is thought to be the captain of the MCOR, though little is known about the Captain at this point.

Captain Hainey is the captain of the mission Get Barker.

Riggins is a lieutenant in charge of defensive measures during the Assault on the Sentinel.

Droz is a frontier captain responsible for the war effort during the mission The Three Towers.


In the IMC command structure, Vice Admiral Graves is formally known as the CINCFRONT, or Commander-in-Chief, Frontier Command.

Blisk is a South African mercenary working under a new long-term contract with the IMC on the Frontier, providing Combat Intel and Counterinsurgency services.

Spyglass is a physical manifestation of the IMC’s vast computational network identity, handling logistics, navigation, deployment, and communications between all IMC forces on the Frontier.

Captain Riggs leads is the squadron captain for the response team in the campaign mission The Refueling Raid.

Captain Bracken is an IMC captain charged with squad command orders during Get Barker.

Hackathorn is an IMC captain mounting defenses during the mission Here Be Dragons.

Captain Graves is an IMC captain responsible for the effort at The Three Towers battlefield.

Minor Characters[]

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