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Data Knife
The Data Knife is a tool used to hack Heavy Turrets and enemy Spectres to fight along side the player.

The Data Knife is an Ordnance for Pilots appearing in Titanfall.


The Data Knife is a tool a pilot has equipped by default. It can not be used as a weapon. It can be used to hack deactivated or enemy Heavy Turrets and enemy Spectres to fight for you, the owner's name will be also displayed above them. Hacked turrets and spectres will grant XP for every unit killed to the Pilot that hacked it. Hacked spectres will also follow their owner.

The Data Knife can be upgraded by equipping The "Icepick", which hacks heavy turrets and spectres much faster.

The Data Knife can also be seen when a player is wall hanging, with the knife stabbed into the wall.


Main Handed weapon used by Pilots.

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