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Eden map.jpg

A Titanfall 2 Map.

Eden is a map in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Eden was once a paradise, sold as the ideal residential community by the IMC to their new employees from the Core Systems. IMC employees responded in record numbers, attracted by the promises made by the IMC’s Interstellar Colonial Authority. But the discovery of an extensive, deep network of naturally occurring fuel reservoirs changed everything. As they had done previously with other worlds in the Yuma System, the IMC fracked the area until dust reigned over light. Today, the train and space elevator remain in operation, maintained by a small community of dispirited IMC employees tied to long term employment contracts.

Eden is a medium sized map with choke points running through the middle sections of the town. Billboards all along the elevated rail line allow Pilots to achieve great wall running speeds and traverse the town quickly. Titans will find excellent opportunities to engage Pilots safely in the streets and open lots that ring the outskirts. Pilots however, have many options amongst the diverse spread of small outbuildings and their interiors, as well as walled courtyards, for both escape and counterattack.

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