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Electric Smoke
The Electric Smoke system deploys a dense, electrically charged smoke cloud that damages enemy Titans and Pilots. It can be used in many ways - one of the most common is to kill enemy Pilots who are attempting to 'rodeo' your Titan.

The Electric Smoke is a Tactical Ability for Titans appearing in Titanfall. When activated, it helps hide your movement from enemies, and any enemies that run through the smoke will be disorientated from the electric shock. Electric Smoke is included in the Heavy Weapons and High Explosives Titan loadouts.


The Electric Smoke has three distinct uses: Use as a smokescreen, killing enemy pilots that Rodeo, and area denial. Remember that enemies can still fire into the smoke; they simply won't be able to see through it.

Electric Smoke is a primarily defensive item. Use it when under heavy fire, and when being rodeoed. Enemies will take damage if they pass through it, encouraging enemy pilots to jump to avoid being fried, and making enemy Titans have to disengage. As an escape mechanism, the Electric Smoke excels in tight quarters, especially at intersections. On the flip side, it has little to no use in large open spaces. It can also be deployed to prevent pilots from entering or leaving a building from a certain angle.

When in tight quarters with an enemy Titan the Smoke can be used offensively, providing a steady source of damage to the enemy Titan, which should be maximized via punching the Titan into a corner so it can't get out of the smoke.

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