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Forwardbase Kodai

A Titanfall 2 Map.

Forwardbase Kodai is a map in Titanfall 2.


Forwardbase Kodai is a satellite communications array and intelligence base. Accordingly, it is pockmarked with satellites, systems to power them, and communications relays.

The map is bad for titans as they can only access the outside of the main building and a walkway through the centre of it which guarantees a bombardment by pilots. Most of the map is focused in a large rectangular centre building with wasteland and a few pillars on the edges. A lot of the fighting takes place in close quarters as the building has many rooms and short corridors. On both sides of the building are two vents lit up red which lead to the roof . the roof has two large gaps which can by shot through as not many people come to the roof or even look up The three evacuation zones are all accessible by the roof and placing turrets in strategic places can get many kills. A glitch in titanfall means that if you grab on to a ledge you can see over it but anyone looking at the ledge cant see you unless they look at it from above. hiding in the tops of the vents until the dropship arrives is a good strategy.

In amped hardpoint B is located in the corridor in the very centre of the map which has an entrance on either side and is inaccessible to titans, it is hard to defend. C and A are at either side and one of them is hard to defend as although titans can't enter they can see all of the zone counted as near the hardpoint. The other one is in a square area inaccessible to titans and with lots of cover from them it is very easy to defend as the building in one corner of the zone has a semi-circle area which is safe from titans and can be easily camped with a shotgun.

This map is usually full of campers but you don't have to go through the building which most people do. If an enemy is waiting round a corner jump outside the building through one of the many windows then run along the building to a window further up so you can get behind them.

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