Fresh Squeezed (Pilot Melee Kills)

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Execute pilots as a Stryder Titan

40mm Cannon Equip the Cluster Missile, the 40mm Cannon and the tactical ability that best suits your play style. (Avoid using the Particle wall as it limits your range of movement while activated)

One on One Titan Fight: Fire a few shots off and get the shield lowered or even completely knocked off, use the cluster missile to keep the Pilot from running out of your line of fire. Main thing here is constantly move forward towards the enemy. while the cluster missile is keeping them in place fire off the rest of your clip this will either doom the titan or get it down to a point where you can give it a few good punches. Either activating your dash core or using the dashes that the titan has as a default (3) you can close the distance (as long as they don't have automatic ejection) you can normally get the execution kill before they have time to eject or disembark.