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Frontier Militia

Coalition fighting the IMC invasion.

The Frontier Militia is the unified forces of the Frontier Resistance in the world of Titanfall.

Frontier Militia[]

The Militia is a resistance group made of homesteaders, criminals, and freedom fighters. Facing IMC oppression, frontier citizens have formed brigades of "freedom fighters" and "citizen soldiers", literally fighting for their home and safety. Due to the dire nature of the frontier war, many in the militia have accepted the fact that working with criminals and terrorists is an inescapable part of their predicament. Accordingly, much of the frontier is made of criminal groups and private military groups unified towards ending IMC oppression. A standing Frontier Systems Territorial Defense Pact exists which governs the militia and requires mutual protection of foreign territories.

Brigades are assigned specific territories in the Frontier, with some territories spanning entire star systems. The famous MCOR is a sub-brigade of the Freeport System brigade, and is largely made of pirates. Though the brigades, especially the MCOR, are ultimately just well-equipped pirate groups, the militia itself forces these various brigades to function in a singular direction.


After the IMC expanded into space and the initial benefits of colonization leveled out, support for the IMC developing the Frontier declined. Conflicts in the core system, as well as declining profits from offplanet resources, drew attention from the Frontier, forcing the IMC to severely limit their presence.

After the IMC returned to the Frontier, they found the colonists had established prosperous colonies, and had identified new resources and wells. Struggling to meet demand in the Core Worlds, the IMC funded a militaristic push into the Frontier to claim what they saw as rightfully theirs due to their initial Frontier investment. The colonists protested this, and appealed to the Core Worlds, which ignored their protests after seeing the benefits of rising offplanet shipping. The colonists banded together in anger, forging alliances between colonies, mercenaries, and criminal groups, and began to strike against IMC resources.

Affiliated Persons[]

Things to note about the Militia fleet:

Pilots are their main fighting force

The Militia made a Titan called the Vanguard-Class Titan. It can use multiple load outs of other Titans, which is very useful. It turned the tides of the Titan war