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Game Modes are the way games are organized in Titanfall.


Hardpoint is the first of two confirmed game modes of Titanfall. A modified King of the Hill system, the fundamental point of this game mode is to capture the three points on the map, labelled A, B, and C. This gamemode is also very similar to king of the hill and domination style game modes from that of other first person shooters. Trade Sam Gagner

Gamemode hardpoint.PNG


This mode combines elements that you'd traditionally see in a singleplayer campaign; Characters, stories, and cinematic moments fused into an online multiplayer match. The objective is to hold off the opposing team's forces in a team deathmatch style mode. Scoring points for getting kills on pilots, enemy AI, and Titans. The first team to reach the score limit wins the match.

Gamemode attrition.PNG

Last Titan Standing[]

Last Titan Standing is a single life, battle-royale style gamemode. In this mode, you have one Titan, one death, and your goal is to eliminate the enemy team. All players start in Titans, and if you eject, you will not be allowed to call upon another Titan.

Gamemode last titan standing.PNG

Variety Mode[]

Gamemode variety pack.PNG

This mode is a round-robin mix of the aforementioned gamemodes.

Pilot Hunter[]

Gamemode pilot hunter.PNG

Team Deathmatch is the classic FPS gamemode of games like Quake and Team Fortress 2. Points are awarded by "team won" as opposed to total deaths like in attrition.

Capture the Flag[]

Gamemode capture the flag.PNG

Capture the Flag is a classic game mode in which players protect their flag from enemy capture.

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