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Pilot Tactical
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Grappling Hook for getting to out of reach places quickly. Strategic jumping enhances its effectiveness.

Grapple is a Pilot Tactical in Titanfall 2.


The grapple provides greatly increased mobility.

At its most basic usage, the grapple can be used to quickly ascend walls or reach ledges by simply targeting the top and activating the ability. The line will reel in, drawing the pilot towards the attach point.

However, with practice, the grapple can be used very effectively to swing around or under the attached point.

The grapple can be used to accelerate to extreme speed. This can be done by grappling the edge of a building, looking 90 degrees away from the point the grapple connects to the wall and pressing forward while gradually looking back towards the point. Combine this with 'bunny hops' to maintain your speed.

Grapple can also be used to pull in enemy pilots and grunts. When they are reeled in you can use a melee to kill them.



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