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Hammond Robotics is the sole manufacturer of Titans in the world of Titanfall.


Hammond Robotics is a major interplanetary corporation within the universe of Titanfall, functioning as a megalithic conglomeration of manufacturing, aerospace, defense contracting, and weapons research laboratories. Allied with the IMC and claimant to the helm of robot design, Hammond is the largest contributor of Titans and Marvin to the IMC war effort.

From the Company Website[]


Hammond Robotics is an IMC Premier Technology Company (TM) providing breakthrough solutions in colonial manufacturing, transport, and security, both in the vast Core Systems and on the untamed Frontier. Driven by our core values of excellence, integrity, and accountability, we take pride in our ability to deliver superior solutions to our customers' toughest problems, on time, on spec, and on budget. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC), we are uniquely positioned to leverage the vast resources and logistical networks at our disposal.

Our commercial innovations such as the MRVN Automated Assistant, and its many industrial variants, have consistently improved the safety and quality of life for all citizens throughout inhabited space. Over the past century, we have delivered hundreds of advanced spaceborne and mechanized defense solutions to our allies and our troops everywhere, and we look forward to facing the challenges that lie ahead. At Hammond Robotics, we are proud to play a crucial role in preserving freedom and prosperity for all citizens of colonized space.


Titans provide combat commanders with one essential ingredient to victory: dominance. No other theatre-superiority platform compares to the speed, agility, flexibility and firepower of the modern Titan. Employed wisely, these machines can provide dominance over air, land, sea, and space. Hammond Robotics is a proven leader in the field with over a century of battle-proven design experience.

Automated Infantry Systems[]

Throughout our turbulent history as a people, freedom has been achieved and preserved through vigilance, conflict, and sacrifice. However, at Hammond Robotics, we believe that warfare should never again cost us our youngest and brightest. Because of the challenges our troops face on the Frontier every day, we are actively pioneering the field of Automated Infantry.

Orbital Defense Systems[]

In the Core Systems, and on the Frontier, conflict is a hard reality for those operating on the extreme edge of civilization. Response times by IMC Search and Rescue can vary widely depending on unpredictable interstellar conditions affecting jump travel. Major mining operations and terraforming colonies are just some of the few industries that depend on our Orbital Defense Systems for their protection.

Corporate Responsibility[]

Here at Hammond Robotics we integrate corporate accountability into everything we do. With our truly universal reach and importance we take our position seriously. We view our commitment to society at large as being demonstrated in the following ways:

  • Integrity, we make sure to use only the highest grade of recyclable materials with zero waste production facilities in both the Core Systems and the Frontier.
  • Diversity, fostering an inclusive culture of both humans and hybrid organics
  • Respect, to our employees, our customers, and our shareholders. Each and every step of the way we are actively pursuing a path that leads to the success and wellbeing of everyone.
  • Trust, by partnering with the latest technologies in data transmission, encryption, and storage procedures our customers’ data is safe from prying eyes and militant terrorists
  • Safety, we pride ourselves on having the lowest accidental death rates of any IMC sub-contractor in the Frontier