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So you've read our guide and learned how to play Titanfall 2 - but how do you win? This guide will teach you how to win on Titanfall 2's multiplayer modes, giving you tips and tricks for each.

How to Win Bounty Hunt Mode[]

The objective of bounty hunt is to earn as much cash for your team while preventing the enemy from earning cash themselves. The game is split into two alternating situations: Waves and Banking. Waves spawn third party enemies that earn you cash when killed (infantry) or damaged (titans). Half of the cash is permanently earned for your team and the other cash stays with you. During banking you can take the cash with you and bank it at an objective to permanently earn those points for your team. Attacking Enemy players will steal half of their money.

Titans are critical to area domination of waves and banks. During waves taking control with titans is priority. Target enemy titans before anything, then attack the waves. During banking at the top of the screen you can see how much money each team has for banking. If your team has more bankable money your goal is to bank. If the enemy has more bankable money then you should steal there money until you have more bankable money and bank it. Rinse and repeat until you win.

How to Win Amped Hard Point Mode[]

In amped hard point the objective is to secure and defend three objective areas on the map. Some objectives are only accessed by pilot movement. Once an objective is secured it will constantly earn points for your team. You can remain on the objective to 'amp' it so it will earn double points for your team, but moving off of it will un-amp it, but it will remain secure still earning regular points for your team.

The most important thing about amped hard point strategy is knowing where friendlies are and where enemies are to know how to divide your efforts between objectives. There are two reliable capture strategies: One is where you hold at least two objectives with one amped. The other is a full assault on the enemy, keeping them off of all objectives. Titans are critical to slowing the enemy, guarding, and taking objectives that titans can capture, but not moving onto a pilot only objective to secure it will almost certainly lose you the match.

How to Win Capture the Flag Mode[]

There are three main strategies to keep in mind. As a defender, your entire point is to take down flag runners and to watch your flag area. Keep the area clean, and ensure that enemies are taken down as soon after grabbing the flag. Don't worry too much about killing, though, as the bulk of your efforts should be area denial, making it harder for the enemy to traverse the narrow areas in the playfield and making any assault hard to carry out.

Another strategy is called being midfield. Midfield is all about killing - your entire goal is to suppress the enemy by killing and firing downrange, making them pay more attention to you than your flag runner. By distracting them with constant fire, you can make a path for your runner much easier.

Speaking of your runner, this is the last strategy to consider. Your runner must be agile more than anything else - capable of traversing a huge swath of space in a quick fashion, and more specifically, able to maintain their speed. Jumping, wall running, speeding up obstacles, etc., are all super important for this role, and should be practiced as part of a team as often as it can be.

How to Win Last Titan Standing Mode[]

This game mode is a 5v5, best of 7, one life game mode. The key to this mode is understanding where all the batteries are, since the map has a ton of batteries spread out.

In terms of general strategy, your best bet is going to be to use an agile Titan loadout, allowing you to quickly move around your enemies and flank them, keeping them off balance. Be careful of being mobbed, though, as being caught by two or more Titans in a pushing group can decimate your team, and since there's only 7 of you, this means that with each loss, your team is severely lowered in terms of projection power. Talk often with your team, and keep moving - if you don't communicate, you're going to lose some key help in protecting each other, finding more batteries, ensuring you're covered, and so forth.

How to Win Coliseum Mode[]

Coliseum Mode gives you a special loadout - the EPG-1, Charge Rifle, Frag Grenade, and Phase Shift. Because this loadout favors "splash" damage from explosives, your best bet is going to be using the Charge Rifle and Frag Grenades to aim at the ground of your opponent. Players often jump a lot during this game mode, so track their vertical movement, and try and get a shot off while they're landing for maximum damage. This game mode is a 1v1 type of game, so the best advice is to simply hone your talents - if you properly prepare and get in the right mindset, you should be able to take down most enemies!

How to Win Pilot vs Pilot Mode[]

Winning in Pilot vs Pilot mode is an 8v8 game mode with no Titans - which can be a drag for players who specialize in Titan gameplay or heavy loadouts. No worries, though, because with the proper understanding of game mechanics and some insight into the game mode, winning at Pilot vs Pilot on Titanfall 2 can be pretty easy!

The big thing to keep in mind in this mode is that spawn zones are dynamic, and will respon to gameplay. The blue zone on your minimap is your team's spawn zone, and the red your enemy's. If you put pressure on their spawn zone, it will move, allowing you to force some strategy and create some choke points. That being said, be wary of the effect they can have on your spawn zone as well - keep it guarded!

The best thing you can do for your team is to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Ranged players will find their sighting somewhat restricted, so they might instead choose a support class like Grenadier. Assault classes typically thrive in this game mode, though they can be very quickly overwhelmed without heavy support backing them.

Most of all, keep moving! It will be hard to kill you if you're constantly moving, and it's this movement that will enhance your survivability in the long run.