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Invasionary Corporate Army.

The IMC, or Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, is a main faction in the world of Titanfall. A massive industrial conglomerate operating as a corporate military corporation, the IMC has deployed its fleets to the distant human colonies to exploit their resources and unify their fledgling power base. Beginning with small uprisings, and facing the loss of their home and livelihood, these colonies have banded together as the Frontier Militia, starting a massive civil war.


The IMC, or Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, started as a small mining outfit, extracting natural resources under the moniker Hammond Engineering. As their flagship product, the Titan, began to gain traction in the industry, greater amounts of resources were required, forcing the IMC to begin mining further and further away from their main resource locale. Fifteen years after their founding, demand for Titans and the industry clout built up by massive growth and extreme profits, mixed with Hammond's market-cornering planetary scanning and survey technology and map database rights, had made Hammond a megalithic Titan of the industry. Over the course of a century, this status as Titan grew by leaps and bounds through mergers, acquisitions, re-branding, and corporate takeovers, turning what was simply a megalithic corporation into a sprawling commercial empire spanning several star systems, with its own economy and military force.

Response to the explosive growth of Hammond has generally been positive outside the Frontier; shareholders and constituents rarely complain about the IMC dealing with the Frontier, as it is a major source of economic bolstering. Additionally, the war effort has created a culture of material consumer inertia, making items constantly in demand, and supplying the core worlds with jobs and an economy that is second to none in the known universe. The IMC does not operate in a fascist manner - all military actions are done through legal channels, despite their unnatural focus on maximizing profits and internal wealth.

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