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Energy-based Titan Chassis.

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The Ion is one of six new Titans in Titanfall 2.


The Ion is an atlas type. Laser-focused, the Ion is all about power. With a central energy system that fuels all of its offensive and defensive abilities, the Ion is an effective, tactical force on The Frontier.

Titanfall 2 producer Drew McCoy stated in an interview with Rolling Stone:

"Ion is all about lasers, precision and resource management. So she's a completely different style of gameplay." Ion wears a shoulder-mounted laser, drops laser-triggered mines and can fire an oversized laser from the center of her chest."


Image Name Type Description
Lasershot.png Laser Shot Ordnance Shoulder-mounted, this lethal beam cuts through anything in its way.
Tripwire.png Tripwire Tactical Laser-triggered explosive mines.
Vortex shield.png Vortex Shield Defensive Absorb incoming fire and redirect it back at the enemy.
Laser core.png Laser Core Core A deadly oversized laser beam fired from the chest of the Ion and capable of stopping anything it its path.

Titan Kits[]

Ion Kits[]

Image Name Description
Titankit ion entangledenergy.png Entangled Energy
  • Critical hits with the Splitter Rifle restore [?] energy.
Titankit ion zeropointtripwire.png Zero-Point Tripwire
  • Deploying a Tripwire costs no energy.
Titankit ion vortexamplifier.png Vortex Amplifier
  • Increases Vortex Shield's return damage output by 35%.
Titankit ion grandcannon.png Grand Cannon
  • Laser Core lasts [?] seconds longer.
Titankit ion refractionlens.png Refraction Lens
  • The Splitter Rifle's alt-fire mode splits five ways rather than three.

Universal Kits[]

Image Name Description
Titankit all assaultchip.png Assault Chip
  • Increases auto-titan accuracy.
  • Allows auto-titan to use utility and offensive abilities.
Titankit all stealthautoeject.png Stealth Auto-Eject
  • Automatically eject and destroy your Ion upon becoming doomed.
  • After ejecting, become invisible for [?] seconds.
Titankit all turboengine.png Turbo Engine
  • Adds 1 extra dash.
Titankit all overcore.png Overcore
  • Laser Core always starts at 20% charge.
Titankit all nuclearejection.png Nuclear Ejection
  • Ejecting while doomed causes Ion to detonate.
  • Takes [?] seconds to detonate and deals [?] damage at point-blank range.
Titankit all counterready.png Counter Ready
  • Grants one extra Electric Smoke countermeasure.
Image Name Description
Titankit all domeshield.png Dome Shield
  • Titanfall takes 5 seconds.
  • Titans are protected by a dome shield that blocks all fire and deals heavy damage to enemies inside it.
Titankit all warpfall.png Warpfall
  • Titanfall take 2 seconds.
  • No protection for titans.

Tips and Strategy[]

  • Ion is powerful, but can be taken down relatively quickly compared to Titans like Scorch. Negate this small negative with the Tripwire to restrict Titan movements.
  • The Ion's Splitter Rifle is relatively weak but the Laser Shot's massive power can help to nullify this weakness, especially if you can score a critical hit.
  • Try to use the Laser Core in open spaces where other Titans are lacking cover, as it does massive damage even at great distances.
  • Keep enemies at a medium distance as Ion has a relatively large range compared to other titans only bested by the Northstar.
  • The Vortex Shield is going to be the chief method of extending your survival. Use your dash to avoid heavy arms, and the shield to negate small arms from other Titans.
  • Not many people will spot the tripwire and they will be a great defence against Ronins.
  • All of your weapons run off the same energy supply so use it conservatively.
  • You have 4 bars of HP so be relatively cautious.
  • Save your Vortex Shield primarily for nullifying major attacks, such as Tone's missiles, Legion's power shot, or Northstar's fully-charged plasma rifle blasts.
  • if you store legion bullets in your vortex aim at their feet for 3X the damage!
  • Ion's Vortex Shield can be exploited very easily, as you can get a friendly Legion, and have that legion shoot into the shield, and then shoot the legion's bullets at enemies, dealing massive amounts of damage in one shot, depending on the amount, it can kill a Ronin or Northstar in a single hit.


  • In a hotfix that was only to fix bugs, the Red Baron skin for Ion was accidentally deleted, making it impossible to customize Ion. This bug was fixed around two weeks later.
  • Ion and Vanguard Class Titans are the only two chassis' with a Vortex Shield ability, despite the ability's popularity in the first Titanfall.




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