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Primary Weapon
Icon kraber.png
Kraber-AP Sniper
Scoped heavy rifle.
Damage 100
Accuracy 60
Range 100
Fire Rate 15

Magazine Capacity


Unlock Level


Kraber-AP Sniper is a Pilot Primary Weapon in Titanfall 2.


Scoped heavy rifle. The Kraber-Armor Penetration (AP) is the only weapon in game that allows you to eliminate enemy pilots, grunts, or spectres in only one single shot no matter the distance. Despite this, it is a projectile weapon compared to many of its hitscan counterparts, with a slow rate of fire, making it generally a poor choice for the hectic speed of Pilot vs Pilot combat. However, all things considered, this is what makes the weapon endearing to so many players, as the high skill ceiling required to truly master the Kraber makes it simultaneously one of the most frustrating and satisfying weapons to use.

  • High damage - guaranteed to kill enemy infantry in one shot.
  • As a sniper rifle, has access to longer range scopes than other weapons.
  • Extremely poor accuracy when firing from the hip.
  • The rifle is a projectile based weapon, requiring the user lead their shots in order to score a hit.
  • Strong projectile drop due to gravity.
  • Low fire rate due to being a bolt-action weapon.


Icon Description
Att extraammo.png
Extra Ammo
Increases magazine capacity from 4 to 7.
Att speedloader.png
Reduces reload time by 30%.
Att gunready.png
Gun Ready
Halves the time to go in and out of ADS.
Att quickswap.png
Faster transition when switching to this weapon.
Att tactikill.png
Pilot kills reduce your Tactical ability's cooldown.
Att ricochet.png
Bullets bounce off of surfaces.


Icon Description
Att factoryissue sniper.png
Factory Issue
The Kraber's base scope.
Att variablezoomscope.png
Variable Zoom Scope
Scope with two levels of zoom. Toggle with the sprint button.
Att threatscope.png
Threat Scope
Highlights enemies in red, even through smoke. Disables second mod slot.
Att proscreen.png
Pro Screen
Displays counter for lifetime experience points (XP) earned with that weapon.


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