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The world of Titanfall is rich in subtle and not-so-subtle lore. Below is a list of pages containing lore for the history and universe of Titanfall.


  • Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation - An oppressive Earth-based mega-corporation that has colonized the worlds of the Frontier in a bid to harvest their considerable natural resources.
    • Hammond Robotics - A division of the IMC and successor of Hammond Engineering, the founding company of the IMC. Hammond Robotics are creators of the Titan system, responsible for much of the technology and resultant death in the world of Titanfall.
  • Frontier Militia - Frontier settlers and outlaws resisting the corporate military forces of the IMC. The Militia is divided into many loosely-affiliated brigades, each responsible for fighting the IMC in a specific sector of Frontier space.
    • Marauder Corps - One of the Frontier Militia's brigades. The MCOR is assigned to the Freeport System.




  • The Badlands - Home to the planet Leviathan.
  • Freeport System - A Frontier system where the Marauder Corps Militia brigade is assigned.
  • Yuma System - A Frontier system where the planet that is the site of Fracture is located.


  • Demeter - An IMC stronghold that functions as the refueling point for long distance jumps between the Core Systems and the Frontier. Without Demeter's fuel, travel between the two regions of space is nearly impossible.
  • Harmony - Harmony is the site of a backwater agricultural colony.
  • Leviathan - Named for the hulking wildlife that lives nearby, Leviathan is a jungle of a planet.
  • Troy - An uncharted planet located within jump distance of the Yuma system. It is the crash site of the IMS Odyssey, and home to a small colony built by the ship's surviving crew.


  • Airbase - A distant moon of the planet Demeter, it functions as a docking station for warships.

Weapons and Technology[]

  • Starships - Large spacecraft capable of traveling faster-than-light. They serve as transports for soldiers, fighter craft, and supplies.
    • IMS Odyssey - Commanded by IMC Vice-Admiral Marcus Graves 15 years ago. It is taken over by Graves' executive officer, MacAllan, in an apparent mutiny and later crashed on the uncharted planet Troy.
    • IMS Sentinel - An IMC supercarrier. Before its destruction over Outpost 207, it was the flagship of the IMC's Frontier fleet.
    • IMS Colossus - A starship that was designated the new flagship of the IMC's Frontier fleet following the loss of the IMS Sentinel.
    • Red Eye - The flagship of the Militia's 1st Fleet. While refueling at an IMC gas extraction facility, it is damaged by the facility's heavy defense turrets.
  • Dropships - Small spacecraft capable of traveling faster-than-light. They deliver Pilots, Grunts, and Spectres to the battlefield.
  • Drop Pods - Single-use transports launched from orbiting starships onto battlefields. They can transport up to four soldiers at a time, and self-destruct shortly after landing.
  • Heavy Turrets - Stationary defense emplacements that auto-target enemy soldiers, Titans, and spacecraft. They can be hacked or caused to deactivate if damaged enough.
  • Titans - The eponymous system of warfare, giant hulking metal bipeds capable of enormous destruction.(if you don't know this, you have a long way to go.)
  • Pilots - Those who pilot the Titans and wreak death and havoc.
  • Weapons - Tools of the trade for Pilots and their Titans.


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