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The Magnetic Grenade Launcher is a railgun variant which launches Frag Grenades at great distance.

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The MGL, also known as a Mag Launcher or Magnetic Grenade Launcher, is an Anti-Titan Weapon for Pilots appearing in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.


The MGL fires magnetized grenades that will attach toTitans.

Real-Life Counterpart[]

It's based off the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.


The Mag Launcher is unlocked at player level 22.


The MGL may to be used in direct Pilots to Titans warfare. The magnetized grenades effectively disable the Titans and may force the Pilots from their cockpit.

It is useful to take advantage of the indirect-fire capabilities of this weapon. Because its shots gravitate to enemy titans, it can be effectively fired without a clear line of sight to the enemy Titan.

It should also be noted that using this weapon will make your position relatively clear to enemies, and they will seek to kill you very quickly once they know that you are using the Mag Launcher. Stay out of line of sight of enemy titans if possible.

Another strategy is to complement the Mag Launcher with Arc Grenades, which effectively blind the enemy titan, then follow up with the Mag Launcher. The combination of temporary blindness and the constant "incoming grenade" notifications on the enemy's screen will frustrate them and often force them to retreat to collect themselves before attacking again.

To counter out its advantages (indirect fire, frustration of the enemy, saturating a part of the battlefield with damaging grenades,) the Mag launcher is not very powerful. If you seek Titan kills with it, pick on titans whose health and shields are low. barely able to take on a pilot of a PLCD,

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