Titanfall Wiki
Maneuvers are your way of getting around and interacting with your environment and enemies in Titanfall.
Mastering pilot maneuvers will make you harder to kill, and help you create shortcuts and advantageous situations. A skilled pilot can maneuver around a map without the need of ever stopping to touch the ground.
  • Double Jumping - Using your jet pack, allows you to perform a second jump in mid air. Timing your second jump at the peak of your first jump will achieve a greater height.
  • Wall Running - Using your jet pack, allows you to run along flat vertical surfaces while you are off the ground. While wall running, you will gain momentum to jump even further. This is useful for staying on top of your combat environment.
  • Wall Hanging - Using the ADS button (right mouse or LT) cling to the wall you're running on. This allows for stationnary hip fire from advantageous positions.
  • Rodeo - You can "Rodeo" onto friendly and enemy Titans alike. Going rodeo on a friendly Titan will allow you to climb into its back, Providing frontal cover while still allowing you to shoot. When used on an enemy Titan, you are allowed to grapple onto its back, giving an opportunity to attack a weak point at point blank, which will disable or kill an enemy titan effectively.
  • Mantling - When a vertical edge is barely within your reach, you can grab it to pull yourself up onto that surface.
  • Mid-air Detonation - Using the smart pistol, you can detonate your thrown explosive before the planned fuse.
  • Dodging - Performs a quick sideways slide. It is particularly useful for dodging rockets and gunfire.
  • Ejection - Ejects your Pilot from your Titan as a last ditch effort to avoid a pilot's death. Note that you are still vulnerable whilst descending to the ground after an eject.
  • Termination - If an enemy pilot is still inside his/her titan, you can melee them next to the doomed titan and punch though the hull into the cockpit, except the Ogre class, then proceed to either squeeze the pilot to death (Stryder) or throw the pilot at terminal velocity (Atlas). The Ogre terminates enemy titans by ripping their arms off and then bashing the helpless titan in the hull with its ripped off arms.