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Maps are a vital part of Titanfall, altering the gameplay by constraining the movement ability and strategy within each map.

Default Maps[]


Airbase is a distant moon of Demeter, and functions as a docking station for warships. It is equpped with "dog whistle defences", sonic emitters which force the wildlife away from the base. It features a large hill that grants tactical superiority, but also limits the mobility of Titans and Pilots on top.

Angel City[]

When the IMC instituted martial law in Angel City, massive walls were built and a system of security checkpoints was created to divide the city into many smaller districts. The unfortunate residents of the Harbor District, now unable to move freely throughout the city, are only able to view the glittering skyline from afar. Pilots fighting in the city gravitate to the highly accessible rooftops, using them to cross entire city districts without ever touching the floor.


The new map, Boneyard, is a desert environment set amidst the ruins of an old engineering facility. Huge leviathan-like creatures wander the distant backgrounds, warded away from the battlefield with dog whistle-like apparatuses. Boneyard is the result of a malfunctioned dog whistle, with the tremendous bones of a fallen leviathan setting the surface-side stage for combat. Respawn says players can fight within the huge skeleton and even perch atop it and snipe. Indigenous flying NPC creatures can also swoop down to pester your allies and enemies, creating a livelier match. Down below the surface is the facility itself.


Corporate is the site of one of many Hammond Robotics factories built across the Frontier. Its facilities are responsible for producing vast quantities of Spectres for deployment by IMC forces.


Colony, like Lagoon, is based around a crashed mega carrier. Seized by the militia, this is one of the most famous lost elements of the IMC, being out of their reach both militarily and diplomatically.


Demeter is a critical fuelling station for IMC forces making the jump into the Frontier.


The IMC's discovery of fuel-rich veins beneath this once-beautiful community led to aggressive, systematic fracking of the area, turning it into a seismically unstable shell of its former opulence. Titans rule much of the jagged terrain, forcing Pilots to move through and take cover within the interiors of the abandoned buildings. The best Pilots will carefully time their Cloak usage for the precise amount of time that is necessary to move between the protective interior spaces, or use every available square inch of vertical surface to string together complex wall-run routes.


Lagoon is a location in Titanfall which betrays the warlike nature of its world. Once a peaceful, tranquile place, an IMC "megacarrier" crashed into it during an unspecified battle, destroying the area, and converting it into a de facto arena of bloodsheed between the powers that be.


Nexus is a backwater agricultural outpost on the planet Harmony that is sympathetic to the Militia.

Outpost 207[]

Outpost 207 is a protected facility for the repair of capital ships. The splash text reads, "Militia leader MacAllan is especially keen to make an assault when IMC’s capital ship IMS Sential pulls in for repair, although no Outpost-protected facility has ever been breached before. An audacious plan to use a derelict ship as bait is hatched, but IMC forces are unlikely to be fooled quite so easily."


Overlook is a military prison complex, designed by the IMC as a staging area for the imprisonment of Militia "terrorists".


Parts salvaged from this old IMC shipwreck are sent into the valley below for further processing.


Militia special forces set up a Long-Range Desert Patrol outpost in an abandoned IMC reservoir.

Smuggler's Cove[]

Part arms-bazaar and part pirate enclave, Smuggler's Cove is famous for its selection of mercenaries and black-market kits.

Training Ground[]

IMC Pilot training programs conducted here have a 98 percent fatality rate. Only the strong survive.

Expedition DLC Maps[]


Runoff's environment is dominated by pipes and water.


Swampland features an abundance of trees and is located among the ruins of an ancient alien civilization.

War Games[]

War Games is set in the Pilot training simulator used in the game's tutorial sequence.

Frontier's Edge DLC Maps[]



Dig Site[]

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