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Monarch is one of seven new Titans in Titanfall 2.


Image Name Type Description
Rocket Salvo (titanfall 2).png Rocket Salvo Ordnance Launches an unguided rocket swarm.
Rearm.png Rearm Tactical Refreshes the cooldown of your Dash, Ordnance and Defensive ability.
Energy siphon.png Energy Siphon Defensive Slows enemies and generates Shields. Heavily armored targets generate more Shield.
Upgrade core.png Upgrade Core Core Recharges your Titan's Shields and upgrades your Titan in the order of your chosen upgrades.

Upgrade Cores[]

The first three Upgrade Cores in a Monarch's lifespan can be customized. The fourth Upgrade Core and beyond will just replenish Monarch's shields.

Image Name Description
Monarch core1 arcrounds.png Arc Rounds
  • Increases XO-16 ammo capacity from 40 to 50.
  • Increases XO-16 damage to shields by [?]%.
  • XO-16 rounds drain energy from Ion's Vortex Shield and Scorch's Thermal Shield faster.
Monarch core1 missileracks.png Missile Rounds
  • Rocket Salvo fires twice as many missiles.
Monarch core1 energytransfer.png Energy Transfer
  • Hitting friendly titans with Energy Siphon gives them shield.
Image Name Description
Monarch core2 rearmandreload.png Rearm and Reload
  • Reduces reload speed by [?]%.
  • Reduces Rearm use time by [?]%.
Monarch core2 maelstrom.png Maelstrom
  • Increases Electric Smoke damage by [?]%.
Monarch core2 energyfield.png Energy Field
  • Energy Siphon affects a large area around the point of impact.
Image Name Description
Monarch core3 multitargetmissilesystem.png Multi-Target Missile System
  • Increases Rocket Salvo damage by [?]%.
  • Hold Rocket Salvo to lock onto targets.
Monarch core3 superiorchassis.png Superior Chassis
  • Increases Monarch's maximum Health.
  • Removes Monarch's critical hit points.
Monarch core3 accelerator.png Accelerator
  • Increases XO-16 damage by [?]%.
  • Increases XO-16 fire rate by [?]%.

Titan Kits[]

Monarch Kits[]

Image Name Description
Titankit monarch shieldamplifier.png Shield Amplifier
  • Increases Energy Siphon's shield gain by 25%.
Titankit monarch energythief.png Energy Thief
  • Upgrade Core meter is earned 10% faster.
  • Titan executions steal a battery from the enemy.
Titankit monarch survivalofthefittest.png Survival of the Fittest
  • Batteries can repair Monarch out of doomed state.
Titankit monarch rapidrearm.png Rapid Rearm
  • Reduces Rearm's cooldown by 5 seconds.

Universal Kits[]

Image Name Description
Titankit all assaultchip.png Assault Chip
  • Increases auto-titan accuracy.
  • Allows auto-titan to use utility and offensive abilities.
Titankit all stealthautoeject.png Stealth Auto-Eject
  • Automatically eject and destroy your Monarch upon becoming doomed.
  • After ejecting, become invisible for [?] seconds.
Titankit all turboengine.png Turbo Engine
  • Adds 1 extra dash.
Titankit all overcore.png Overcore
  • Upgrade Core always starts at 20% charge.
Titankit all nuclearejection.png Nuclear Ejection
  • Ejecting while doomed causes Monarch to detonate.
  • Takes [?] seconds to detonate and deals [?] damage at point-blank range.
Titankit all counterready.png Counter Ready
  • Grants one extra Electric Smoke countermeasure.
Image Name Description
Titankit all domeshield.png Dome Shield
  • Titanfall takes 5 seconds.
  • Titans are protected by a dome shield that blocks all fire and deals heavy damage to enemies inside it.
Titankit all warpfall.png Warpfall
  • Titanfall take 2 seconds.
  • No protection for titans.


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