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Networks are an important feature in Titanfall 2.


Networks is the new system in use for Titanfall 2. The system utilizes "clan-like" systems called "networks", groups of like-minded players who want to join together. Networks can be established with almost any name, and can be given a daily message.

The biggest benefit of the Networks system is that a "happy hour" can be defined with certain experience benefits, attracting players to play at the same time, or at least together. This time can be set at any time, allowing for networks to establish common hours for most players.

These networks function on "shared rooms", and these shared rooms will work with the peering system to try and match up network members together, even if you have more players than are required for each map and mode. If you have less players, the network system can take those players and peer you into incomplete rooms, allowing players to stick together.

Producer Drew McCoy said: "Anytime that you're loading into the game, soon as you're in, you're in your home Network and the people that you want to play with are there."