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The Ogre is one of three default Titans in Titanfall. The Ogre is the heaviest of the three, a slow moving wall of steel which serves as a brutal instrument of war.


Players will unlock the Ogre Titan after playing through both the IMC and MCOR campaigns, making it the last Titan to be unlocked for all players. The order in which the campaigns are completed does not matter.

A one-time use Ogre can be called down using the Reserve Ogre Burn Card.

Ogre Stats[]

Base Health: 10500
Jump Height: 15
Step Height: 80
Crouch Speed: 112
Stand Speed: 265
Sprint Speed: 400
Melee Damage: 1875
Melee Knockback: 510
Dodge Duration: .27s
Dodge Interval: .2s
Dodge Speed: 610
Dodge Stop Speed: 400
Dodge Power Drain: 100
Shield Regen Rate: 22

Tips and Strategy[]

The Ogre is the slowest of the Titans, and the most durable. As an Ogre you can soak more damage than most, and have the most powerful melee. However, just because you have thicker slabs of metal surrounding you doesn't make you invincible. An Ogre will be a slow moving target, and other players will attempt to keep their distance so you can't use your powerful punches.

  • Conserve your dashes. You have one, and you should be careful with it.
  • Try to avoid charging headlong into the enemy. Rather, flank whenever possible, and try to attack from the sides or rear. This serves true with any Titan, but the Ogre lacks the maneuverability of the others. You want to be a "Fat Ninja", appearing without warning, and overwhelming them with your superior bulk.
  • Alternatively, you can serve as a sort of "Tanky-Support", leading the charge and drawing aggro while your teammates advance or strike from other angles.

Video Highlights[]

As with other Titans, the Ogre was given a Hammond Robotics reveal trailer. The video highlights the following data points:

  • 33% More Rigidity
  • Most Armored Titan
  • Responsible for 67% of enemy depletion in its first deployment.
  • During its initial deployment, it suffered only minor superficial damage to the hull.
  • On deployment, reduced damage to friendly units by nearly 40%.
  • Inflicted nearly 50% more damage to enemy units in early combat testing.


  • In the mythologies and folklore of countless cultures, the Ogre is generally a large, cannibalistic human-like creature, defined by its ugly appearance and immense strength.
  • As an Ogre, be aware that not everyone may understand your many complex layers of armor.