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Phase Shift
Phase Shift

Teleport into an alternate space for a short period of time.

Phase Shift is a Pilot Tactical in Titanfall 2. and Wraith in apexLegends.fandom.com.



Phase into an alternate space for a short time to avoid damage.

Weapons can be fired in Phase Shift, but the projectiles have no effect and appear to disappear as they leave the weapon. Ordnance can also be deployed, however it disappears as soon as it is thrown and does not persist in the Phase Shift realm.

There are several actions that can be successfully accomplished while Phase Shifted:

  • All forms of movement are useable during phase shift.
  • It is possible to reload or switch your weapons while in phase shift.
  • It is possible to trigger satchel charges. Any satchel charges deployed in the map can still be triggered while the pilot is in phase shift. This allows the charges to be deployed in areas that would normally result in damage to the player and greatly enhances the ability to safely ambush enemy pilots.
  • It is possible to use Boosts while in phase shift. However, any boosts that result in the deployment of an item on the map will be nullified and effectively wasted by activating during phase shift.

Phase Shift can be used as a defensive move to avoid damage, move to cover, escape gravity stars, or escape an opponents grapple. It can also be used as an offensive move by facilitating infiltration into defended rooms or by making it easier to quickly flank an adversary.

Phase Shift can also increase the effectiveness of other abilities such as the Titan Nuke Eject. Whereas using a Titan's nuke eject ability inside a building or under an overhang usually results in the player dying in their own explosion, using phase shift to avoid the nuke blast will allow the player to survive.

Phase Shift has an unique feature called the "telefrag". The idea behind this is that you can enter the phase shift world, go to a human sized enemy, and materialize inside of them. By doing so, you can instantly kill even the most armored enemy.

People have experimented with phase shift and have found that while sometimes you can see another player in Phase Shift, this is extremely rare, and you cannot hurt each other in the Phase Shift space. It should also be noted that players can interact with Ronins using Phase Dash, but any type of damage (including rodeos) to either player seems impossible.



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