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Kits are your Pilots modifiers to the standard loadout in Titanfall 2.

Pilot Kits[]

Loadouts can contain one kit from each list.

Kit 1[]

Icon Name Details
Pilotkit powercell.png Power Cell
  • Reduces tactical cooldown by 25%.
Pilotkit fastregen.png Fast Regen
  • Causes health regen to begin 3 seconds earlier when not taking damage (normal regen begins after 6 seconds).
Pilotkit ordnanceexpert.png Ordnance Expert
  • Reduces ordnance cooldown by [?]%.
  • Displays the projected trajectory of your grenade when holding the button.
Pilotkit phaseembark.png Phase Embark
  • Replaces entering/exiting titan animation with a shorter phasing animation, saving 2 seconds.

Kit 2[]

Icon Name Details
Pilotkit killreport.png Kill Report
  • Marks recent enemy deaths on your HUD and minimap.
Pilotkit wallhang.png Wallhang
  • ADS while wallrunning to hang onto the wall.
Pilotkit hover.png Hover
  • ADS while midair to hover in place.
Pilotkit lowprofile.png Low Profile
  • Removes jump jet trails.
  • Delays alert for titans you're rodeoing by [?] seconds.
    • Long enough that they don't have a chance to electric smoke you before you have their battery.
Pilotkit titanhunter.png Titan Hunter
  • Killing a titan grants 10% to your titan meter.
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