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Predator Cannon
A high-capacity, damaging weapon.



Predator Cannon is a primary weapon in Titanfall 2.


Depicted as a powerful two-handed minigun, this weapon is used for deploying all of legion's unique abilities.

  1. Standard fire would produce 180 randomly targeted rounds in a wide cone.
  2. Long-Range standard fire would produce 90 (180 - 2 per shot) precise rounds zoomed in.
  3. Standard power shot, producing a cone blast with limited range, but could not miss any target in the limited range cone.
  4. Long-Range power shot, a single-point unlimited range shot. This attack could pass through multiple titans and pilots but would not pass through walls. This attack will cause a small area explosion at every titan/surface it struck.
  5. Gun Shield - reduces legion's movement speed but provides a circular protection in front of legion preventing all attacks within the radius of the shield. Shooting the gun in the center would not count as damage to Legion. It should be noted that the gun shield is not perfectly centered, but off-center slightly to the pilot's right and leaves some area to the pilot's left exposed.
  6. Smart Core - Upon activation, the predator cannon plays a different sound while firing, and legion gains several buffs. A. An unlimited supply of ammunition. B. Ammunition does more damage to titan shields. C. Small ground targets are automatically targeted. At further distances this lock is slower, but the difference is negligible.
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