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R-101C Carbine
The R-101C is a fully automatic, compact assault weapon commonly used throughout the Frontier.
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The R-101C Carbine is a Primary Weapon for Pilots appearing in Titanfall.


The R-101C Carbine is a fully-automatic weapon featured in Titanfall. The weapon acts as the standard-issue infantry weapon, being utilized by Pilots, Grunts, and Spectres alike. It fires an 8.19mm rifle cartridge from a 24-Round, detachable box magazine. Due to the output of 810 rounds per minute (RPM), the R101C can kill enemy pilots in 4-5 shots, depending on how far away your target is.

Real-Life Counterpart[]

The R-101 acts as a futuristic incarnation of modern-day assault rifles, bearing a particularly strong resemblance to the proposed "Vector Rifle", based on TDI's Vector SMG. Additional elements (including the receiver, charging handle, and collapsing stock) seem to resemble the Remington's ACR entry carbine.


Starter weapon


Because the R-101 is a fully automatic weapon, it is perfect for ground suppression of enemy forces and assault utility. In exchange for the rate of fire, however, one must be careful to pick the correct targets, as the damage rating is somewhat low.


There are 5 weapon modifications for the R101C-Carbine. The extended magazine and the suppressor modify the weapons output. The Iron Sights, HCOG, Holosight, and AOG alter the amount of zoom the R101C can have on targets.

Extended Magazine: The extended magazine increases the amount of ammunition the R101C can carry in one magazine. By default, the R101C carries 24 rounds of munitions in a magazine. However with extended mags, you magazine size is increased so that the R101C can hold 30 rounds per magazine instead of 24.

Suppressor: The suppressor dampens the sound of the R101C, allowing the pilot to not show up on enemy radar. However while you'll be able to deal out stealth tactics, your overall output is hindered. The suppressor reduces the damage done by the R101C meaning that you'll need 1 extra shot to kill at any range. But considering the fact that the R101C is a fully automatic weapon, using a suppressor isn't a bad idea.

Iron Sights: The iron sights are the default sights attached to a R101C. While they are by no means impressive, they are feasible and pilots are able to deal out damage with some accuracy. However there are other sights to choose from that make the iron sights look terrible.

HCOG: The HCOG, or Holographic Combat Optiocal Gunsight, has the same zoom maginification as the iron sights. However the sight picture is more clear and less obstructive so pilots have a better FOV when aiming down sights. If you want to be aggressive, the HCOG is for you.

AOG: While the HCOG provides the lowest magnification of sights, the AOG, or Advanced Optical Gunsight, offers the highest. With 2.4X magnification, Pilots will be able to pick out targets from a long distance. With a simple red dot and retention of peripheral vision, this isn't a bad option for those who want to take the long range approach.

Holosight: Perhaps a good middle ground. The hologsight offers a 2.1x magnification and is suitable for combat from mid-range to long range. The holosight is designed for Pilots who want to keep others at arms legnth, but still have enough zoom to pick out targest for a long distance away.

Image Name Category
Silencer.png Suppressor Reduces noise and muzzle flash.
Recoil compensator.png Recoil Compensator Reduces recoil while firing.
Iron sights.png Iron Sights Standard-Issue Sights.
Extended ammo.png Extended Magazine Increased magazine capacity.


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