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R-97 Compact SMG (Titanfall 1)
The R-97 Compact SMG is a compact submachine gun that excels at close-quarters combat, due to its extremely high rate of fire and minimal recoil.
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The R-97 Compact SMG (Titanfall 1) is a Primary Weapon for Pilots appearing in Titanfall.


The R-97 Compact SMG fires 5.8x42mm DBP87 ammunition from a 40-Round detachable box magazine. While it possesses a substantially faster rate of fire than larger weapons, such as the R-101 or the Hemlok, its pistol-caliber cartridge has a lower muzzle velocity, resulting in a loss of both effective range and armor penetration, making it a questionable choice of firearm over distances and against Titans.

Real-Life Counterpart[]

The R-97 Compact SMG is a futuristic incarnation of modern-day submachine guns and personal defense weapons. Like the R-101C, the weapon seems to be heavily inspired by the TDI Vector SMG. Interestingly, the R-97 has the distinctive triangle front sight/gas block of the AR-15 series.


The R-97 Compact SMG has the highest fire rate of any Pilot Primary Weapon but extremely poor accuracy, range and damage. Players using the R-97 SMG should try to remain in close quarter situations where the R-97 Compact SMG is most effective or endeavor to maneuver closer to enemy pilots before firing. When the R-97 is paired with the HCOG, longer distance engagements are possible but not suggested.


There are 5 mods available for the R97. The iron sights and HCOG that make up the optical options on offer. The extended magazine, suppressor, and scatterfire.

Iron Sights: While the iron sights are not recommended for most weapons, they are perfect adequate on the R97. With a simple red dot for target acquisition, you can be sure to pick out targets quickly, and get shots on them with some degree of accuracy.

HCOG: The HCOG, or Holographic Combat Optiocal Gunsight, has the same zoom maginification as the iron sights. However the sight picture is more clear and less obstructive so pilots have a better FOV when aiming down sights. If you want to be aggressive, the HCOG is for you.

Extended Magazine: The extended magazine increases your ready supply of ammunition. With the benefit of less frequent reloads and more output on the battlefield, extended mags seldom backfire on a pilot who employs them in combat. With the extended mags, the R97 is able to carry 50 rounds of ammunition per clip instead of 40.

Suppressor: On most weapons, the suppressor is a poor choice. While you will reap stealth benifits from using it, the damage output of your weapon is reduced. In the case of the R97, the reduced damage won't be very noticeable as you'll be able to make up for that with the high RPM the weapon boasts.

Scatterfire: This mod takes the already high RPM R97 and increases the output of the weapon. Instead of boasting 960 RPM on the battlefield, you'll instead boast 1260. Unfortunately, you'll also experience a 25 increase in recoil and you'll endure more reloads because you'll be emptying the magazine even faster than before.

Image Name Category
Silencer.png Suppressor Reduces noise and muzzle flash.
Scatterfire.png Scatterfire Increases rate of fire, decreases accuracy.
Iron sights.png Iron Sights Standard-Issue Sights.
Extended ammo.png Extended Magazine Increased magazine capacity.


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