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Flame-based Titan Chassis.

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Scorch is one of nine new Titans in Titanfall 2.


Scorch is a defensive titan whose combat acuity derives from damaging area-of-effect attacks.


Image Name Type Description
Firewall.png Firewall Ordnance The name says it all - fires a directed wall of thermite in the enemies direction.
Incendiarytrap.png Incendiary Trap Tactical Deploys flammable gas canisters which can be triggered by the slightest spark.
Heatshield.png Heat Shield Defensive Liquefies incoming artillery while dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Heatcore.png Flame Core Core Creates a giant wave of fire that destroys anything in its path.

Titan Kits[]

Scorch Kits[]

Image Name Description
Titankit scorch wildfirelauncher.png Wildfire Launcher
  • Increases T-203 Thermite Launcher direct hit damage by [?]%.
  • Increases T-203 Thermite Launcher thermite spread.
Titankit scorch temperedplating.png Tempered Plating
  • Removes all critical hit points on Scorch.
  • Removes self-damage from thermite.
Titankit scorch infernoshield.png Inferno Shield
  • Increases Thermal Shield duration by [?]%.
  • Increases Thermal Shield damage by [?]%.
Titankit scorch fuelforthefire.png Fuel for the Fire
  • Reduces Firewall's cooldown by 2 seconds.
Titankit scorch scorchedearth.png Scorched Earth
  • Flame Core ignites the ground for [?] seconds.

Universal Kits[]

Image Name Description
Titankit all assaultchip.png Assault Chip
  • Increases auto-titan accuracy.
  • Allows auto-titan to use utility and offensive abilities.
Titankit all stealthautoeject.png Stealth Auto-Eject
  • Automatically eject and destroy your Scorch upon becoming doomed.
  • After ejecting, become invisible for [?] seconds.
Titankit all turboengine.png Turbo Engine
  • Dash cooldown reduced by [?] seconds.
Titankit all overcore.png Overcore
  • Flame Core always starts at 20% charge.
Titankit all nuclearejection.png Nuclear Ejection
  • Ejecting while doomed causes Scorch to detonate.
  • Takes [?] seconds to detonate and deals [?] damage at point-blank range.
Titankit all counterready.png Counter Ready
  • Grants one extra Electric Smoke countermeasure.
Image Name Description
Titankit all domeshield.png Dome Shield
  • Titanfall takes 5 seconds.
  • Titans are protected by a dome shield that blocks all fire and deals heavy damage to enemies inside it.
Titankit all warpfall.png Warpfall
  • Titanfall take 2 seconds.
  • No protection for titans.

Tips and Strategy[]

  • Scorch's kit lends itself to area denial, locking off corridors, chokepoints, etc. Play to his strengths, avoid wide-open areas.
  • Scorch is nearly immobile and has a lengthy reload for not much damage payoff, lending his kit to either defending other friendly titans or setting up carefully executed traps for enemies.
  • If possible, use Scorch's Incendiary Trap to damage close groups of enemies, including Pilot sniper nests.
  • Scorch's Heat Shield is a highly effective tool to eliminate enemy pilots.
  • Trapping enemies in corners, dead ends, and/or tight corridors is optimal, as it maximizes damage.
  • While being cautious is necessary like any other titan, Scorch's 5 health bars allow him to tank damage.
  • Ronin's Phase Dash will allow him to cross your deployed thermite while taking little to no damage. Know where Ronins are and how they're approaching to effectively defend against them.
  • Scorch's Thermite Launcher is slow to reload, so plan your shots to maximize damage.
  • Incendiary Traps and Thermite Launcher projectiles will bounce and splash off of walls respectively. This can be effective at forcing a Tone or Legion to retreat from their shielded position.

    Strategy Suggestion
  • Knowing is half the battle. When using Scorch, keeping tabs where your enemies are is essential, as this allows a good player to plan traps and chokes. Observing how your enemies play allows you to punish confidence or threaten cautiousness.
  • Plan Ahead. Knowing where a titan will push will allow you to set Incendiary Traps where titans may travel, either forcing them to reconsider their path or forcing them to take damage.
  • Triggering Traps. Scorch's Firewall will bypass Electric Smoke, Tone's Particle Wall, Legion's Gun Shield, and most small structures. Using it to activate Incendiary Traps is highly effective. However, shooting a Thermite Launcher shell straight up into the air, (provided you have space above you) if aimed correctly will activate Incendiary Traps with a delay of 8-10 seconds [citation needed] allowing you to save a Firewall.
  • Isolation. If facing a group of enemy titans, using Scorch's Incendiary Traps as well as his Firewall to isolate individual titans is an effective way of both dealing damage and guarding your team. Goad your enemy forward and set traps behind them, then as they retreat light them, cornering your opponent.
  • Walk them down. Heat Shield has a lot of damage potential, and while not comparable to a Ronin's Sword Core or your own thermite, still provides a large threat. When a titan is isolated, dash into melee range, light your Heat Shield, and walk them into already existing thermite. This is usually enough to kill any titan that isn't a Legion, Scorch, or Tier 3 Monarch with Superior Chassis.
    Keep in mind, this is only a suggestion. Play Scorch the way you want to - Although there may be a meta, you're already not playing it by picking Scorch.


  • Scorch is so named because he deals largely in fire damage. * Scorch is also short for "Scorching Earth"



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