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Primary Weapon
Mp weapon smart pistol.png
Smart Pistol Mk5 (Titanfall 1)
The Smart Pistol scans for hostile targets within a short range, locking onto them automatically.
Damage 30
Accuracy 20
Range 20
Fire Rate 30

Magazine Capacity


Unlock Level

The Smart Pistol Mk5 (Titanfall 1) is a Primary Weapon for Pilots appearing in Titanfall.


The Smart Pistol scans for hostile targets within a short range, locking onto them automatically. Any rounds fired will then maneuver to hit the locked targets. Aiming with the iron sights allows the operator to use the pistol in manual targeting mode.

The Smart Pistol looks like a handgun in appearance, but fires bullet-like projectiles that lock onto enemies. It is extremely efficient at landing headshots, but the lock-on distance is short.

In order to lock onto targets, they must stay inside of a frame-like reticule on your screen. Target acquisition is fast, and while you can acquire multiple targets, they are only acquired one at a time.

Given that the ammunition changes direction mid-flight, the projectiles are probably a form of microjet rather than inert bullets, making the Smart Pistol a form of Gyrojet.

Real-Life Counterpart[]

Much of the Smart Pistol's basic shape and design is borrowed from the sig sauer p320.


The Smart Pistol is made available from the start of the game.

The Amped Smart Pistol can be obtained for a single life through the use of the proper Burn Card.


The Smart Pistol Mk5 can eliminate a grunt with a single shot, a Spectre with two shots and an enemy pilot with three shots. Due to the need to acquire a lock-on for efficient use and the extremely short range of the targeting system, the Smart Pistol Mk5 is restricted to close quarters use. The targeting reticle turns yellow when locked onto a target and red when there are enough locks on the target to eliminate them with one shot.

It is quicker to lock three rounds onto an enemy pilot for a quick one shot kill than locking three separate rounds three separate times. However, with the movement system of Titanfall it is often difficult to obtain three continuous locks. In this scenario the locked rounds can be fired first, followed up by a few quick manually aimed or targeted rounds.

Due to the lack of firepower on part of the Smart Pistol Mk5, players wishing to maximize their efficiency should use hit-and-run tactics. With the addition of the quick targeting modification, the range of the Smart Pistol Mk5 increases, allowing players to target enemies from a further distance, at the cost of a smaller targeting reticule.


There are 4 modifications available for the Smart Pistol MK5. Due to the fact that most targeting is done automatically, there are no optical options avaiable outside of factory issue. As for weapon modifications, there are 3 more available. Extended magazine, suppressor, and enhanced targeting.

Extended Magazine: As with all other weapons, the extended magazine increases your ready supply of ammunition. By default, the Smart Pistol MK5 carries 12 rounds of ammunition per clip. With extended mags this is increased to 18, allowing pilots to reduce the number of reloads, as well as stay active for longer.

Suppressor: While all other weapons will experience a decrease in damage, the Smart Pistol will experience a decrease in effectiveness. While a suppressed Smart Pistol will still need one lock-on for grunts, two lock-ons for spectres, and three lock-ons for pilots, the suppressor will increase the time it takes to gain those lock-ons. However if pilots can play smartly, a suppressed Smart Pistol can be very deadly on the battlefield.

Enhanced Targeting: While the suppressor increases the time it takes to gain lock-ons, enhanced targeting decreases this time. As well, the range will be increased meaning that locks can be acquired from a further distance away and in a shorter amount of time. The only downside to using this modification is that the 45 degree scanning zone is whittled down to 36 degrees.

Image Name Category
Silencer.png Suppressor Reduces noise and muzzle flash.
Extended ammo.png Extended Magazine Increased magazine capacity.
Enhanced targeting.png Enhanced Targeting Accelerates lock-on rate and increases range.


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