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The Stryder is one of three default Titans in Titanfall. The quickest and most lightly armored of the Titans, the Stryder puts an emphasis on mobility.


The Stryder is unlocked after the player completes either the IMC or MCOR campaign. Playing through the other afterwards will unlock the Ogre. It does not matter which is completed first.

Players can call down a single use Stryder with the Spare Stryder Burn Card.

Stryder Stats[]

Base Health: 5500
Jump Height: 15
Step Height: 80
Crouch Speed: 187
Stand Speed: 300
Sprint Speed: 435
Melee Damage: 1125
Melee Knockback: 850
Dodge Duration: .32s
Dodge Interval: .2s
Dodge Speed: 720
Dodge Stop Speed: 250
Dodge Power Drain: 33
Shield Regen Rate: 10

Tips and Strategy[]

The Stryder is the most lightly armored of the Titans, sacrificing durability for increased mobility.

  • As a Stryder you can dash three times, giving you more maneuverability around enemy Titans.
  • The Stryder actually deals more melee damage than the Atlas.
  • Like with all Titans, avoid engaging head on when possible, instead attacking from the sides or rear. Try dashing in and out of cover, and avoid being caught out in the open.

Video Highlights[]

As with other Titans, the Stryder was given a Hammond Robotics reveal trailer. The video highlights the following data points:

  • 30% increased thruster capacity.
  • Lightest core of any titan.
  • Award-winning Hammond Robotics technology.
  • Thrust Overdrive provides brief unlimited thruster capacity.
  • 23% lighter exoskeleton.
  • Equipped with Advanced Gyroscopic Balancing System.
  • Out-matches other Titans at speed, acceleration, and agility.


  • The name Stryder is most likely derived from the word stride, which means "Walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction".