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Captain of the Frontier Militia
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Tai Lastimosa

Fallen hero of the militia.

Tai Lastimosa is a character in the single-player campaign of Titanfall 2.


Captain Lastimosa is a Captain within the Frontier Militia, dedicated to fighting the IMC invasion. While he is rather decorated, he is fighting simply because he believes in the effort. He takes Jack Cooper under his wing, attempting to begin his training in the Titan program. During a botched Militia operation on the planet of Typhon, however, he is gunned down, dying only after giving the order to BT-7274 to continue with the mission, and to link up with Jack Cooper. Lastimosa has a legacy outside of Titanfall 2, of course - he is the namesake of the Lastimosa Armory, and his insignia can be seen on a variety of armaments and Titans throughout the game.

Official Bio[]

Captain Tai Lastimosa grew up on the Frontier planet of Harmony long before it became the headquarters for the Militia. One of the first veteran Pilots to serve in the newly formed elite Militia unit, the Special Recon Squadron (SRS), Lastimosa tested the earliest prototypes of the Vanguard-class Titan. He was neural linked to BT-7274 roughly three years prior to Operation Broadsword.

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