Titanfall Wiki
Primary Weapon

40mm Cannon.PNG
40mm Cannon
Semi-auto 40mm rounds.

Tactical Ability

Vortex Shield
Absorbs and returns incoming fire.


Rocket Salvo
Launches an unguided rocket swarm.


Nuclear Ejection
Your Titan goes nuclear when you eject.
Your Titan degrades slower when doomed.

The Tank Titan Loadout is one of three default Titan loadouts in Titanfall.


The Tank Titan Loadout is designed just how its name suggests; in Titanfall, it is the hardest hitting of the Titans, utilizing its heavy firepower to lay down suppressive fire and make quick work of less-armored foes.


Use the Tank as a powerful asset, but be aware that it moves slowly due to its massive hulking mass. Because of this, you have to think out your attack beforehand, and make sure you're not caught out in the open, especially with multiple Titans in the area.