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The Pilot's Gauntlet (Mission)
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Training and practice.

The Pilot's Gauntlet (Mission) is a mission in Titanfall 2.

The Pilot's Gauntlet[]

In this mission, you'll undergo some basic Pilot training. First, calibrate your controls and go through the initial training with Lastimosa. Anybody who played the beta or played the earlier test builds will be familiar with this level.

Run through each course, doing as is requested from you. You can run through the gauntlet as many times as you want. Right before this at the shooting range is a great chance to try out some weapons and see what feels best to you. This will inform later gear choices, and now is a great chance, when you're not in combat, to really test it out.

Pilot's Logbook[]

The 9th Militia Fleet is en route to attack an IMC-controlled planet called Typhon. Zero civilian presence - I only know that it houses an "IMC military research facility".

Aboard the James MacAllan, my Pilot training continues with Captain Lastimosa, a master level Pilot. I'm not sure why he chose to be my mentor, but this is an opportunity I'd be crazy to pass up.


  • Helmet 1 - To the left of the exit in the training area, on a floating pillar. Jump to the second to last target's platform, then wall-run to reach it.