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The following is a rough timeline detailing the events of Titanfall, leading up to Titanfall 2. The following is culled from a variety of resources, including the Titanfall campaign, Reddit user BaconShelf, and more.

The Story So Far[]


The following events are displayed relative to the start of Titanfall 2: therefore, all dates will be marked with "BTF2" as a signifying point, showing time before Titanfall 2. These dates are all rough estimates.

Rising Friction[]

  • ??? BTF2 - Hammond Robotics gains greater stock share as a result of introducing the Titan to the market. The Titan system soon becomes ubiquitous as farm tool, defense platform, and more.
  • ??? BTF2 - Because of their explosive growth, Hammond begins to look at expanding their commercial empire into the Frontier, a little explored and mined area of space outside of the core worlds. Hammond deploys a militant arm known as the IMC.
  • 30 BTF2 - To combat the rising fascist nature of the IMC, Frontier worlds band together with mercenaries filling the ranks under the banner of The Militia.
  • 25 BTF2 - IMC Base Golden is constructed. Their purpose is to research the "Dog Whistle Tower" technology, which emits a noise that repels local wildlife. Testing is successful, though the base is soon abandoned.

The Titan Wars[]

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  • 23 BTF2 - The IMC strikes against the Militia in a coordinated attack. These conflicts soon escalate into full blown war, known simply as the Titan Wars, with the loosely allied Militia tightening their ranks in an effort to repel what they view as an invasion. Marcus Graves, James MacAllan, and Robert "Barker" Taube all rise to prominence during this conflict.
  • 20 BTF2 - The IMC chases Militia assets across the Frontier - the Militia is outgunned, but still causes massive casualities to the IMC.
  • 16 BTF2 - MacAllan takes the IMS Odyssey and defects. He crashes the ship on the planet Troy, and disappears into a new life.
  • 5 BTF2 - The IMC discovers MacAllan, and deploys their BRD-01 Spectre, a new autonomous killing machine, to the colony. The testing of the platform on civilians will later be the chief cause of escalated combat.
  • 4 BTF2 - The Militia intercepts an SOS message from the attacked colony, and positions its forces to repel the IMC. They help in the evacuation efforts. MacAllan joins the Militia, planning a strike against the IMC. Knowing that Robert "Barker" Taube is being held in IMC territory, they strike against Angel City, freeing Barker and helping him return to arms.

The battle of Angel City was a major turning point for the frontier. During this battle, the IMC flagship known as the IMS Sentinel joined the battle, and was heavily damaged, forcing a retreat to drydock. After docking at Outpost 207, the ship was destroyed by an infiltrated railgun platform.

Hot on their efforts at Angel City, the frontier launches an attack on IMC Base Golden, and steal the blueprints for the "Dog Whistle" towers, known as the "Repulsor Tower" tech. With plans to these towers, identifying the faults, the Frontier attacks the IMC Refueling Facility at Demeter, disabling the towers and destroying a large portion of the fleet stationed there.

With the fleet protecting Demeter incapacitated, the Militia launches an attack on the planet itself, destroying the refueling facility. MacAllan sacrifices himself to destroy the refueling platform, cutting off the IMC from reinforcements.

Two months after Demeter, remaining IMC personnel either retreat into the core worlds or defect to the Frontier. Hammond Robotic HQ is attacked by these defected troops, cutting off the IMC supply of Spectres to the Frontier.

Post Titan Wars[]

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  • 3-1 BTF2 - Suffering huge losses and the shame of being defeated by a militia, the IMC begins to rebuild its fleet on an uncharted world in deep space. They begin to design training pods based around Angel City and Airbase Sierra to train against militia techniques.

The IMC launches small skirmishes in retaliation, though they pale in comparison to earlier conflicts. They attack the Kodai Mining dig site, with combat spilling over into the nearby resort town.

Though significantly pared down, the IMC Remnant faces an enemy as depleted as they are. With a foothold in deepspace, they begin to reactivate Spectre production, and begin to research energy weapons to counter militia numbers. New Titan chassis are developed and deployed, and exotic technologies on Typhon are located.

During this time, the IMC rebuilds its fleet, wounded though it may be, to near former numbers. Even with this, however, the IMC had lost 1/3 of its total naval fleet - and reinforcements are not coming. When the IMC loses an asset, it must find a new one, whereas the Frontier can call reinforcements - because of this, the combat is attrition based, and is bloodier than even the initial Titan Wars. 0 BTF2 - The Militia has won back control of over 1/4 of the Frontier, and is based off the planet Harmony. They are stronger than ever before, and are in the midst of Operation Broadsword, an operation designed to oust the IMC once and for all. A new technology has emerged on Typhon, however - and it threatens to forever changed the tide of war against the Militia.