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The following gear features in Titanfall 2. This gear can be used to alter your Pilot and playstyle.

Pilot Tacticals[]

Pilot Kits[]

Loadouts can contain one kit from each list.

Kit 1[]

Icon Name Details
Pilotkit powercell.png Power Cell
  • Reduces tactical cooldown by 25%.
Pilotkit fastregen.png Fast Regen
  • Causes health regen to begin 3 seconds earlier when not taking damage (normal regen begins after 6 seconds).
Pilotkit ordnanceexpert.png Ordnance Expert
  • Reduces ordnance cooldown by [?]%.
  • Displays the projected trajectory of your grenade when holding the button.
Pilotkit phaseembark.png Phase Embark
  • Replaces entering/exiting titan animation with a shorter phasing animation, saving 2 seconds.

Kit 2[]

Icon Name Details
Pilotkit killreport.png Kill Report
  • Marks recent enemy deaths on your HUD and minimap.
Pilotkit wallhang.png Wallhang
  • ADS while wallrunning to hang onto the wall.
Pilotkit hover.png Hover
  • ADS while midair to hover in place.
Pilotkit lowprofile.png Low Profile
  • Removes jump jet trails.
  • Delays alert for titans you're rodeoing by [?] seconds.
    • Long enough that they don't have a chance to electric smoke you before you have their battery.
Pilotkit titanhunter.png Titan Hunter
  • Killing a titan grants 10% to your titan meter.
Pilot Loadouts in Titanfall 2
Tacticals Cloak | Pulse Blade | Grapple | Stim | A-Wall | Phase Shift | Holo Pilot
Ordnance Frag Grenade | Arc Grenade | Firestar | Gravity Star | Electric Smoke Grenade | Satchel
Primary Weapons
Assault Rifles R-201 Carbine | R-101 Carbine | Hemlok BF-R | G2A5 | V-47 Flatline
SMGs CAR | Alternator | Volt | R-97 Compact SMG
LMGs Spitfire | L-STAR | X-55 Devotion
Sniper Rifles Kraber-AP Sniper | D-2 Double Take | Longbow-DMR
Shotguns EVA-8 Shotgun | Mastiff
Grenadiers Sidewinder SMR | EPG-1 | R-6P Softball | EM-4 Cold War
Pistols Wingman Elite | SA-3 Mozambique
Secondary Weapons
Sidearms RE-45 Auto | Hammond P2016 | B3 Wingman
Anti-Titan Charge Rifle | MGL Mag Launcher | LG-97 Thunderbolt | Archer
Pilot Kits
Kit 1 Power Cell | Fast Regen | Ordnance Expert | Phase Embark
Kit 2 Kill Report | Wall Hang | Hover | Low Profile | Titan Hunter

Pilot Ordnance[]

Pilot ordnance includes, Arc Grenades that stun enemies,, Frag Grenades which are cookable, explosive ordnance, Firestars that when thrown,ignite the impact area. Electric Smoke Grenades which blanket an area in electric smoke that damages enemies, Satchels, which are heavy explosives that are remotely detonated and Gravity Stars, which pull in any unlucky nearby pilots and detonates.


Image Description
Boost ampedweapons.png Amped Weapons - Cost: 80%
Increase weapon damage for 30 seconds. Affects every weapon differently, but generally reduces shots-to-kill by 1 or 2.
Boost ticks.png Ticks - Cost: 65%
Throw a three-legged drone that wanders close to enemies and detonates. Comes with two charges.
Boost pilotsentry.png Pilot Sentry - Cost: 72%
Place an automated turret that fires on pilots and grunts. Lasts 1 minute.
Boost maphack.png Map Hack - Cost: 70%
Fire off [?] pulses to reveal every enemy through walls.
Boost batterybackup.png Battery Back-up - Cost: 80%
Instantly give yourself a titan battery.
Boost radarjammer.png Radar Jammer - Cost: 40%
Disables enemy minimaps for 20 seconds.
Boost titansentry.png Titan Sentry - Cost: 35%
Place an automated turret that fires on titans and armored targets. Lasts 1 minute.
Boost smartpistol.png Smart Pistol MK6 - Cost: 60%
Replaces your sidearm with the Smart Pistol, which locks onto targets. Has two 12-round magazines.
Boost phaserewind.png Phase Rewind - Cost: 25%
Phase Shift back in time to where you were [?] seconds ago.
Boost hardcover.png Hard Cover - Cost: 20%
Throw down a pilot-sized particle wall with [?] health.
Boost holopilotnova.png Holo Pilot Nova - Cost: 40%
Send out three Holo Pilots in front of you.
Boost diceroll.png Dice Roll - Cost: 50%
Use a random Boost.


In Titanfall 2, Callsigns allow for aesthetic customization in multiplayer matches. Each callsign is shown for players when displayed. More callsigns are planned moving forward, especially for special events and DLC - but as with everything else DLC-oriented, they are going to be freely distributed.