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Lay waste - that's what Tone is all about.

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Tone is one of seven new Titans in Titanfall 2.


Tone is an Atlas-Class Titan, designed for skirmishing with enemy titans using it's Tracker Cannon and Homing Rockets. Effective use of it's lock-on functionality can allow Tone to release devastating combos to quickly dispatch enemy Titans.


Image Name Type Description
Tracker Rockets.png Tracker Rockets Ordnance Fires missiles at fully locked enemies. ** Full lock-on required.
Sonar Lock.png Sonar Lock Tactical Reveals enemies in an area and establishes partial lock.
Particle Wall.png Particle Wall Defensive Places a defensive barrier in front of Tone that she can shoot through.
Salvo Core.png Salvo Core Core Unleashes a barrage of rockets that can be guided in flight. They’ll prioritize any locked target Tone looks at.

Titan Kits[]

Tone Kits[]

Image Name Description
Titankit tone enhancedtrackerrounds.png Enhanced Tracker Rounds
  • Critical hits apply two tracker marks to targets.
Titankit tone reinforcedparticlewall.png Reinforced Particle Wall
  • Increases Particle Wall health by [?].
  • Increases Particle Wall duration by [?] seconds.
Titankit tone pulseecho.png Pulse Echo
  • After [?] seconds, Sonar Lock echoes a second pulse.
Titankit tone rocketbarrage.png Rocket Barrage
  • Tracker Rockets fires 2 additional rockets.
Titankit tone burstloader.png Burst Loader
  • Aiming down sights allows the 40mm Tracker Cannon to charge up three shots to burst fire.

Universal Kits[]

Image Name Description
Titankit all assaultchip.png Assault Chip
  • Increases auto-titan accuracy.
  • Allows auto-titan to use utility and offensive abilities.
Titankit all stealthautoeject.png Stealth Auto-Eject
  • Automatically eject and destroy your Tone upon becoming doomed.
  • After ejecting, become invisible for [?] seconds.
Titankit all turboengine.png Turbo Engine
  • Adds 1 extra dash.
Titankit all overcore.png Overcore
  • Salvo Core always starts at 20% charge.
Titankit all nuclearejection.png Nuclear Ejection
  • Ejecting while doomed causes Tone to detonate.
  • Takes [?] seconds to detonate and deals [?] damage at point-blank range.
Titankit all counterready.png Counter Ready
  • Grants one extra Electric Smoke countermeasure.
Image Name Description
Titankit all domeshield.png Dome Shield
  • Titanfall takes 5 seconds.
  • Titans are protected by a dome shield that blocks all fire and deals heavy damage to enemies inside it.
Titankit all warpfall.png Warpfall
  • Titanfall take 2 seconds.
  • No protection for titans.

Tips and Strategy[]

  • Despite the 40mm cannon's exceptional performance at range, the small AoE damage from the rounds make it great at clearing rooms with pilots in them.
  • Before disembarking from Tone, put down a sonar to check if it's safe. Alternatively, sonar for your allies if they are going for a battery.
  • If you want to grab a battery, step in front of it and place down a particle wall. Remember to back up, then jump out to grab the battery. This ensures you'll be safe from the front while your Tone will guard your back.
  • Always try to keep enemies at a distance except for Northstar.
  • Try to land three shots repeatedly to engage a full lock on, then fire missiles and repeat.
  • In a fight with another titan always use your particle wall and stay behind it, this will also help teammates.
  • The particle wall is best used in corridors where it fills the width of the corridor.
  • Use the AoE effect to your advantage.
  • When you have a full lock always use the missiles.
  • The sonar can help with the lock on.
  • With the 40mm Cannon, direct hits are not required for lock-on. Splash damage can also result in a partial lock.
  • use your core when you are engaged with 2 or more enemy titans.


Tone's OS voice is female.

Tone can commonly be portrayed in a negative light by the community for a multitude of reasons.

This Titan was spotted in official promotional material from Respawn. At the time, whether it was a work in progress, a name placard, or something else spotted during the video, it was safe to assume at this time that Tone (along with Legion) were new Titans. This assumption was proved correct when Respawn announced all the Titans in video form.




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